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 Who is the best American president? (Washington to Trump) (4)

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Who is the best American president? (Washington to Trump)

A fun question to ask, who do you think is the best President in American history?  If you are not American, feel free to give your perspective as well.  If you give a list, please do not go any further than top 5.
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The top five Presidents in my opinion are the following:

1- George Washington

2- Abraham Lincoln

3- Ronald Reagan

4- Theodore Roosevelt

5- Franklin Roosevelt

George is first because, like the old saying goes, "It's one thing to make a new wheel, its another to invent the wheel." George did a superb job of keeping the US out of foreign wars, and used his integrity and discernment to avoid exercising overt executive authority, which is exactly what the nation needed. He was still tough, stopping the Whiskey Rebellion as an example. Overall, a hero in the Revolution and a fine statesman. Even King George III called him "The greatest man alive."

Abraham Lincoln is next because he freed the slaves, and for leading the country through arguably the worst days in its history. How Lincoln managed to keep the nation together is beyond me, and I doubt many Presidents would have been able to do the same, with the exception of GW, RR and FDR. Lincoln is here because he actually did it.

Ronald Reagan is next because of his contributions to ending the Cold War. Reagan built the best economy America had seen up to that point, and had built us up to the strongest we'd been since WWII. He was a great communicator, and inspired millions in a way few Presidents have been able to do since.

Theodore Roosevelt was the manly classical liberal. Conserve the environment, protect worker's rights, bust the trusts, and defend the Constitution. All in all, Teddy Roosevelt brought the nation to the best point it had been since the end of the Civil War and before WWI.

FDR is an obvious member of this circle, as he pulled the country out of the Great Depression and lead us through the majority of the greatest war in history, all while confined to a wheelchair due to polio. He doesn't go over Teddy because of his attempts to change the rules, (court-packing a prime example), but overall a fine job as President.

What do you think?

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1. FDR

2. Lyndon Johnson (i suppose without regards to his foreign policy)

3. Anyone but Ronald Reagan

4. Anyone but Ronald Reagan

5. Not Ronald Reagan or Trump or Bush or Andrew Jackson or Andrew JOhnson or JOhn Tyler or Calvin Coolidge or Herbert Hoover or Richard Nixon or lots of others whom I don't remember.

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Trump will be the 45th, 46th, 47th, 48th .... on and on .... IF he DOESN'T get elected this time. There will be NONE rated worse than him EVER .... let us pray! ;-)

If he gets elected, well, then, he will likely be No. 1 forever .... until Don Jr. ..... as did Kim Jong Un, make his father "not as great as he". That's what dictators do.

YIsRisenLord(1222) Clarified
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Why are you so angry? I am not angry, about Obama. Obama had some good policies.

I have to pick two. Lincoln, and Trump..................................................................................................................................................