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 Who is the best player in the NBA Currently? (3)

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Who is the best player in the NBA Currently?

Who do you think it is

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Hell no kobe is a-lot better than lebron. in the regular season kobe was a-lot better than lebron. GO KOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kobe bryant he kills on the court. he kills in the playoffs and in the regular season he is gonna lead the lakers to the natinal championship and they are gonna win.

I think it is Lebron. Seeing that Kobe averages 26.5 points, 6. assists, and 5.80 rebounds per game in the playoffs. Where as Lebron averages 30.7 points, 7.3 assists and 10.70 rebouns in the playoffs. His stats beat kobe in every catagory.

Side: Lebron James