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Who is the true Agent of Change?

change for change? Or for the better?


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It is 2015 and President Obama is still leading the country forward.

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Obama is clearly the source of true change. From white to black. From Republican to Democrat. From top down economics to Bottom up economics. From Globalist to Protectionist. From breaking Environmental treaties to breaking trade treaties. From the World's policeman to letting the UN take that role. From Speak loudly and carry a big stick to speak with anyone and sell the stick to pay for health care. From second highest corporate taxes to highest. From capitalism to telling the 63% of Americans invested in equities that cap gains taxes are going up because if you are invested in the equities market you are part of "the rich" who we are all against apparently. From preserving family farms and businesses to raising estate taxes to endanger generational transfer of family businesses and farms.

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They will both bring change, but "true" change will be brought by Obama. He will disarm our missiles, he will open us up for attack from foreign countries that hate us. He will give back to the people by leading us down the path to a third world country. Obama will bring true change to this country. And not only that, but the next president in office, according to a Native American taboo will die in office, so it will bring AMAZING change when America's first Black president (assuming he is elected) dies in office. That could cause so many revolts and lots of outrage from the Black community.

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If what we mean by change is a change from the culture in Washington which has ruined the country, McCain is the true agent of change. It doesn't matter what a candidates policies are if he cannot effectively work to pass laws which push that agenda. McCain has the record of working not only across party lines but counter to his own best career interests. Listening to the Obama campaign now, it is hard to believe that McCain was vilified by his own party for his independent stance. What is more important change? Some issue disagreements or changing the whole destructive environment in which our government operates? On social security does it really matter if our candidate is for partial privatization or pushing back the age or level of benefits if we have a continuation of the status quo where no one has even brought up social security since the Reagan administration? Does it matter if health care is expanded by govt agency or forcing changes on the private carriers if we cant bring a law to vote and deal with it as a problem instead of a partisan football? Who cares about their difference in the issues when a continuation of the status quo means nothing substantial gets done until it is too late. McCain the one with not just the rhetoric but a proven record of taking a personal hit to get something done and reaching across party lines to actually accomplish something for the country instead of just for the party.

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