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I like this ticket. Palin's a hottie ;)

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even though sarah palin is hot........ :)............she has her crap together and she knows what she is doing

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Well, during the cluster fuck i wasn't really sure at all. I liked Hillary (since she had a good chance) and i wasn't sure on the Republicans. I was thinking that if Hillary won the Democratic nominee, there would be a good chance i'd vote for her.

Biden was my favorite of all the democrats, but he had virtually no chance. Since Obama picked Biden as a VP, it doesn't bother me that much anymore that Obama's the democratic nominee.

What surprised me was McCain's victory. I did like him the most of all the candidates (Huckabee second [cause of Colbert] and Biden third) but i didn't think he was gonna win the nomination, so i just kept on thinking Hillary.

But now that McCain is the Republican nominee, that's who i'll be voting for. His choice for VP doens't bother me. I like her more than Obama (the only person in the cluster fuck i liked less than Obama was Edwards).

If Obama wins, at least he has Biden to guide him on the War. But i really want McCain to win, he's overdue.

Side: McCain/Palin
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