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Who is your least favorite NAZI on here, and why is it burritolunch?

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Hate the Jews like Hitler

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I have not seen any evidence that there are Nazis participating on this site.

My uncle who was shot down over Leuven, Belgium during WW2 was picked up by members of the ''Comete Line resistance'' who hid allied airmen at great cost and danger to themselves.

He regularly and vehemently warned against the misuse and/or overuse of the term Nazi.

He maintained that if those who use the word casually in a cheap attempt to demean their political opponents had witnessed first hand, as he did, the atrocities perpetrated by ''the German Nazis'' they would realise that they are diluting the true savagery which Nazism represents and making a mockery of their 100s of 1000s of most unfortunate victims.

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This is because their only response to any opposing view, is to call that person, a Nazi.

It's childish and intellectually dishonest, but it's all they have at this point.

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My least favorite ISN'T Burritolunch, it's the Anti-Nazi nazi. Burrito actually says what he MEANS. I sometimes don't agree with him, but, I NEVER agree with YOU, 'cause YOU never admit what you ARE. :-)

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