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I eat the many meats I eat the sloth food
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Who knows more about nutrition? meat eaters or vegans?

On one side for the vegans and vegetarian, the other side for peples who eat the meats. We will make arguments for supporting which nutrition is superior

I eat the many meats

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I eat the sloth food

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Vegans have to know more about nutrition in a society that has a dominant diet based on meat. If you eat nothing but celery and lettuce, you are going to die.

Do I know a lot about nutrition? I can't say I do personally. But I do go by what I hear, and it works for me. I eat a lot of broccoli, spinach, and kale. Rice and beans. Quinoa. all kinds of fruits, all kinds of veggies. Garlic! Big fan of garlic. All these foods make you strong.

Because we live in a society with an omnivore diet, there is a tendency for the cultural norm to revolve around a meat centric diet. It is very easy to be an omnivore, at least in America. It is more unusual to not eat meat, and for that reason, most people who make that personal lifestyle choice by necessity have done nutrition research.

Now I personally do not claim to be a nutrition expert. I am a vegetarian, and very content to be so. Despite me not claiming to be an expert on nutrition, I have to say that because vegans are going against the norm of culture, it stands to reason that there is more work to be done on their personal behalf in order to be healthy.

I'm sure there are a lot of those temporary celery and carrot stick vegans who might skew the numbers, but long term veganism or vegetarianism requires one to be educated, while the omnivore diet requires no thought at all. Now, in a vegetarian society, the unusual meat eater might be more educated on nutrition.

So what does it all matter?

In the end, why is it important whether meat eaters or vegetarians are more informed about nutrition?

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Sloth? Such a word. The more nutritionist between the two is vegans ofcourse, meats are delicious ,people won't care what elements are inside of it as long as it gives pleasure to the mouth, but vegans has a certain goal and to achieve that goal they study what to eat and not. So the one who study knows more.

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