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Who left a greater legacy?

Alexander Hamilton has left a greater legacy on our nation with his business-minded attitude, as well as his implications of business and money towards America.  Thomas Jefferson was always a man for helping people's rights in the government, while Alexander Hamilton was one for politics and business.  Hamilton believed that the government should not be entirely involved with the individual rights, but focussed on the actual role of banking, money, business and other political importances that should be brought upon in any government.  Although Hamilton did grow up with his mother in poverty, he became a great politician that created America's banking system of today.  Due to the fact that his legacy is something that has remained a part of our nation's past, present, and future, Thomas Jefferson's achievements don't match quite the same effects that Hamilton's did.  Alexander Hamilton has left a greater legacy than Thomas Jefferson.

Alexander Hamilton

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Thomas Jefferson

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I picked this side because Alexander The Great was not an option and this was the next best thing. Alexander The Great's legacy is greater than both Hamilton's and Jefferson's. In fact, his legacy is so great that they decided to add that to his title, "Alexander The Great!" You don't hear about Hamilton The Great or Jefferson The Great. Don't get me wrong, both Hamilton and Jefferson have decent legacies. Otherwise they may have been labeled Hamilton The Mediocre and Jefferson The Meh but that didn't happen so they their legacy is alright. It's just that Alexander the Great's legacy is.... well...., Great! ;)

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Well, despite Alexander Hamilton's actual achievement, if we're thinking of who's the greater LEGACY... I would say that the author of the Declaration of Independence would definitely be the one. He was the man of individual rights and limited government.

Especially in these times, Individual rights has never been more important. We've been losing them, and it's about time that someone brought to light what Thomas Jefferson and our founding fathers wanted for this country.

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Among the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, Thomas Jefferson's legacy will always be the most influential because he was the author of the Declaration of Independence and an staunch advocate of individual liberty and small government.

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Yes Alexander Hamilton was good on the political and business side of government but we would not have the declaration of Independence or Constitution the way we know them if it were not for Thomas Jefferson

Side: both were great in there own way

I would say Thomas Jefferson because of the Memorial to him in Washington.

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