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Couldn't care less, ZZZZZs. Wise up, that's only paranoia.
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Who realizes that terrorists are infiltrating into our country through the Borde

International terrorism is on the rise and since the Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco this country is once again being used as a training ground for our enemies.
Iran, Syria as well as other middle eastern countries along with many African states are directing substantial funds towards the training of terrorists with the object of attacking western targets, but the United States in particular. 
How do they gain access into the the country?

Couldn't care less, ZZZZZs.

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Wise up, that's only paranoia.

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Who realizes that terrorists are infiltrating into our country

And some of them are elected Democrat politicians.

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Gone are the days when invading armies had to secure air superiority and then storm up the beaches of the homelands of their enemies.

Oh no, those days really have long gone, gone with the wind of BIDENISM.

We do know for absolutely certain that terrorists are crossing our southern borders in large numbers. What we don't know is just how large these numbers actually are.

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The terrorists are already here in the form of fake, right-wing, "patriots"! (The most dangerous, that is!) They don't consider those that died for democracy (Iwo Jima, Tarawa, D-Day), HEROES any longer! They were just crazy, mixed-up kids I guess! You people don't know what a REAL patriot IS! IT'S those that fight AGAINST the RADICAL RIGHT!

(AND AGAINST Rumps lying liars!)

Side: Wise up, that's only paranoia.
Pench(841) Disputed
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Trying to mask the eye-watering disasters of President Poopy Pant's nation destroying policies with the standard loony-leftist diversionary tactic of beating the Trump Drum is old hat and embarrassingly pitiful.

You've been watching too many John Wayne WW2 movies and are sounding even more senile than poor old washed up Poopy Pants himself.

Since President Poopy pants sat on the Big Chair we have disgraced ourselves on the battlefield, destroyed the living standards of ordinary hard working citizens and made ourselves a laughing stock on the international stage.

None of the gibberish you may spout about Trump is going to change the frightening place Poopy Pants has taken us.

If you can't see that then your Alzheimer disease has deprived you of 90% plus of your brain capacity which clearly couldn't have been much to start with.

Side: Couldn't care less, ZZZZZs.
AlofRI(3287) Clarified
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Sicksicksicksicksick traitorous and deserving of execution by firing squad! By the way, I'd rather watch Audie Murphy movies, he was a REAL hero!

Side: Couldn't care less, ZZZZZs.
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In addition to the large numbers of well trained and dedicated terrorists there are also those specially trained agents whose activities will involve the radicalization of the weak minded immigrants who will become the assassins of innocent civilians.

The suicide bombers, the machete' wielding Islamic terrorists and the mass murderers who will use automobiles and commercial vehicles to plough into Americans wherever they assemble en-mass.


Side: Wise up, that's only paranoia.
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Let's ponder on some of President Poopy Pant's disasters which he has wilfully inflicted upon the nation.

1) Open southern border;- terrorists, drug dealers, muggers, people traffickers, paedophiles, disease carriers, including covid-19, all flooding in by the 100s of 1000s.

2) Cancellation of the keystone pipeline, helping to turn America from a self-sufficient nation into a net importer dependent upon the goodwill of other countries.

3) The encouragement and fostering of anti-American domestic terrorist groups such as B.L.M., and A.N.T.I.F.A.

4) Quantitative easing/printing money we never earned with the inevitable ensuing inflation.

5) The highest gas and heating fuel prices in our history.

6) A nation divided as never before.

7)Murders and violent crime in general totally out of control.

8)Democrat controlled cities asking the citizens to house the homeless drug addicts and alcoholics that they engineered and now realize that they cannot cope with the monster which they created.

I could go on, but if you're not already experiencing the horrific results of BIDENISM* first hand you soon will be.

Side: Wise up, that's only paranoia.