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 Who really pisses you off the most on this site? (40)

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Who really pisses you off the most on this site?

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2 points

The sort of people that make debates like this, ones where they are just trying to blacken someones name.

If you've an issue with a debater, debate them, defeat them there or accept defeat, this sort of bull shit is childish petulance.

1 point

SO... just to clarify... do any of you guys really have multiple accounts. lol hahahahahahaha

You piss me off the most, Srom. I loathe you for one reason: you refuse to see truth, even when it's looking you right in the eye.

You're ignorant.

GeneralLee(134) Clarified
1 point

He's not so much ignorant as he is a liar. As Shakespear once said, "Me thinks you protest too much." He keeps trying to say that he's not Mors, but the funny thing is that by this constant protest, he just proves that he is.

1 point

No one on the internet pisses me off, annoy maybe, but not pissed off.... and the most annoying is you... although that Crumbles character is a close second.

1 point

Damm you ALIEN YOUR SUCH AN ASS! In putting dots ................................................................ZASCA!

I'd have to say, Thewayitis. That arrogant prick actually thinks he's right.

1 point

I'm just going to answer the types of people that instantly piss me off in a debate:

-Paranoid people/Conspiracy theorists.

-Consistent ad hominem committers (which includes arrogance).

-People who will not let go of "you can't prove it wrong".

-People who enforce rules but always see themselves as an exception.

-People who cannot admit when they're wrong.

-People who do not seem to care about learning they might be incorrect or learning the logic of the opposing debater(s). It would be like arguing with a doll that can repeat only one sentence or a certain number of phrases.

-People who assume they do not need to research the topic at which they debate.

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The one who pisses me off the most is Dremorius because he keeps saying that I have multiple accounts and keeps messaging me. Its getting really annoying and stupid. If you would drop the subject everything would be fine.

Dremorius don't respond because I won't respond back to you until you drop it and don't even bother replying to me.

ChuckHades(3198) Disputed
2 points

Let's play another fun filled round of Spot the contradiction! Here's a quote from Srom:

" I don't swear because in the Bible it says not to swear and also we should talk to people with a good tone and be nice to them, not be rude and use swear words and use destructive words".

Now here's another quote from Srom:

"The one who pisses me off the most is Dremorius because he keeps saying that I have multiple accounts and keeps messaging me".

There's a fabulous prize for the person that spots it first!

That's exactly what I thought as soon as I saw that Srom made this debate :P

Srom(12203) Disputed
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Pissed off is a bad word to me. Its just means that you are really angry and if you need to go take a piss like peeing. I was pissed off when dremouris kept saying that I had multiple accounts and he wouldnt stop it so that is why I made this debate to see who pisses you off the most on this site

0 points

That's true, but my! You're quite the creeper. :P

Stalk much?

ricedaragh(2497) Disputed
0 points

Isn't Dremorius a mod on this site, surely he'd be in a position to know which ips are connected to which accounts, not that I know what privileges mods have, just a suggestion.

0 points

Yeah, but chances are he's hiding behind a Proxy .

No one really, there use to be a few, but I just try to distance myself from them now. There are a couple of people I think of higher than anyone else on here, but nobody lesser than the majority.

0 points

... Piss is a cuss word. And here's how I figure that to be true; if I say that in school then I'd get in trouble. lol And that's totally how I distinguish cuss words from non-cuss words X)

But to the point of the debate, no one really pisses me off. Annoys me, yes, but no one actually has that much of an effect on me to piss me off. It's a wasted emotion online :)

-1 points

I really don't like Dremorius, he should stop sticking his nose into other people's business and claim they have multiple accounts, he is really starting to piss me off.

perspective1(161) Clarified
2 points

This is obviously an alternate account. Probably Sroms. lol

Srom(12203) Disputed
0 points

Just because Srom backwards is Mors doesn't mean I have a alternative account. I know for a fact that if Mors777 was me then I wouldn't swear but in one of the debates Mors777 swore and I don't swear.

perspective1(161) Clarified
1 point

LOL I just looked into it and I guess everyone else suspects that too. Dont be so pathetic Srom.

0 points

Shut up and stop being such a twat. You can't prove he has multiple accounts, and even if he does it's none of your business, so fuck off and leave Srom alone.

-3 points

I'll up vote you...., you poor thing ;)

Something tells me Crumble is going to propose an official Joe Cavalry Fan Club sometime soon...

Crumble59(174) Disputed
0 points

Why are you still here? Bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurbammma