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 Who's the meanest person on createdebate (19)

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Who's the meanest person on createdebate

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Randomdude/Chaffy oh wait they the same person.

meer(47) Disputed
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LEARN GRAMMER PLEASE..................THANK YOU..........................

Cuaroc(8839) Disputed
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Chaffy is mean. really mean. I've seen his responses in certain debates.

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meanest? well i have not encountered any mean person...hopefully i wont as well...but as i hear..allot of people are mean here..some of them are mean just to look superior to the others..some are mean by nature...hopefully we don't encounter anyone mean soon >.>

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I know right the only mean person i no it chaffy he's really a bum

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chaffy...i dont think ive ever encountered him..haha you just made me curious to know how mean he is...i wanna see a debate he is in and try to argue with him XD do u advise me to do that? XD or is he plain mean? you said he is a bum..that itself made me curious!!

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While I wouldn't call Chaffy/PresChaffy/Mors/MrsHellno/Nummi2/ etc. mean, I would certainly say he was an idiot. The guy seemed to turn up on the site one day demanding changes that were beyond ridiculous, then he was insulting to most of the members here.

Meanest... that I've come across? Probably Garry or Assface. In my experience they don't really give a fuck about your feelings/go out of their way to hurt your feelings when debating. But I can only say these two are mean because I respect their opinions as cognitive debaters. There are plenty of other assholes and jackasses on this site, but most are so shamefully stupid and transparent it would never occur to you to be offended by anything they say because you're so busy laughing your ass off. I take Garry and Assface's opinions a bit more seriously than all that, which is why I can say thems some mean sons a bitches.

Also, not necessarily a bad thing. It discourages the odd person from wanting to debate with them, and they're probably not going to win any popularity contests anytime soon, but being blunt and up front is a perfectly valid way to debate.

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Chaffy. I've seen his argument and he says somethin' like shit and fuck and asshole

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hopefully, I'm kind enough...yeah.............yeah yeah yeah yeah

Everyone is saying the meanest person is chaffy. I do not see how he is mean. Well, I guess I do not understand him much

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The meanest non Micmacmoc troll account would probably be Kinda.