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 Who's watching the debate tonight??! (6)

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Who's watching the debate tonight??!

Why why not? Who's gonna win? CAN you win a presidential debate? I want all your thoughts! 

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I'm watching it tonight. I virtually never watch TV, at least I haven't for the past 3+ years.

I honestly think Obama is going to win, although by what margin I do not know.

As for whether I'd win a presidential debate, LOL no. I couldn't hold my own in a political debate. It's an area of my knowledge I've neglected quite a bit unfortunately...

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The apparent winner of any debate is subjective due to the fact there is no score kept tracked as if it were a baseball game.

Unless Gary Johnson is allowed to debate, at best, I will watch some of the debate only to be bored with the same catch phrases as heard in the past.

Is Gary Johnson or Ron Paul in the debate? If not, then there is no reason.

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With Gary Johnson not being there, I'm upset, but I found a drinking game for tonight's debate, so of course I found a reason.

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Not me since I don't care about politics and they confuse me and I get bored watching those kinds of things. I will care later on in life but not now.