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Who's worse, a JEW HATER or a BONGO HATER?

Excon calls you a Jew hater if so much as question his ideas about judaism, but he says nothing whenever Antrim spews his bizarrely racist hate speech about black people. Could it be that Excon is not really against racism, just overly sensitive about his own race?


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You know, those damn niggers should be put back into slavery. Then those jews should be gassed and burned for their sins...

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Jew is not a race; he/she is a follower of Judaism. I can be a Jew, but since I'm agnostic/atheist, I'm not. A Black person can be a Jew. A White person can be a Jew. A Brown person can be a Jew.

If it's OK to hate a communist, conservative, liberal; why is it not OK to dislike Jews, Christians, Muslims, or whatever the follower of a philosophy you don't like believes in?

Hating a person because of their color is a different matter for me; that

is not something you can control. If I'm gonna dislike you, it will be because of your actions and attitudes, not your color.

To answer the question of the post, to hate someone because of their color is worse to me because your race is something beyond your control.

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TheMask(127) Disputed
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The thing is that judaism is a religion which is associated with an ethnic group which no longer exists. The Torah says that HEBREWS are God's chosen people therefor everyone who follows the religion of judaism is an idiot because they are following a religion which says that non-hebrews are like animals. And only trace amounts of Hebrew DNA exist in the ethnic "Jews" of the world so most of their ancestors would be considered lower life forms by the real Hebrews who where highly racially prejudiced.

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excon(17783) Disputed
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And only trace amounts of Hebrew DNA exist in the ethnic "Jews" of the world

Hello again, Antisemite:

Lemme see..

We got a Jew hater flapping his gums about DNA, and then we got an actual DNA test done by scientists..

Who you gonna believe?? source=dnalifecycle&utmmedium=email&utmcampaign=dnalemail4500174&utmcontent=dnaresults&trdate=20180212

Bwa, ha ha ha ha ha..


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AlofRI(3290) Clarified
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There is someone in the world that thinks Jews are like animals, who thinks Muslims are like animals, who thinks Christians are like animals, who thinks Catholics are like animals, who thinks Protestants are like animals, who thinks atheists are like animals! Funny thing, I never heard an animal say anything derogatory against any of them.

Wouldn't it be nice if we were ALL animals?? Then we could stop calling one another names! :-)

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Both ... are bad, but who's worse? The ones who keep "fertilizing the hatred" with racial names and dumb questions like this.

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