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 Who should have won Miss U.S.A (4)

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Who should have won Miss U.S.A

Miss North Carolina won, and Miss california was first runner up, which was dumb because she sucked at everything. personally I thought it should of been Miss Utah. She was the only won who didn't look retarted at the one spot where they made them take center stage and just look at the crowd and smile for literally a couple minutes.

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Miss Alaska but only because I am from Alaska and Alaska rocks.

Side: Miss Alaska

Personally I think they should have given the crown too the one with the bigest boobs but that's just me ;)

Side: Miss Alaska

Hello BOOBIE! Then it should have been moi ( . ) _ ( . )


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So yah, Miss Utah for sure. and I need 50 characters so here yah go.

Side: Miss Utah