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Who should have won the election!!!!!



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Obama did win majority of electoral votes.

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I might have prefered romney, but america has spoken.

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Whoever won the most votes... that's how democracy generally works. (Simplified. Calm down representative-republic-shouters)

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He won both the electoral college (which is the requirement) AND the popular vote (which shows what the majority wanted.) He played the game and won.

Did I want him to be president for another four years. No, but I sure as hell couldn't stomach Romney. One of these days, I hope the third parties can stand a chance. But it didn't happen this year, so I accept that at least we don't have a President Romney.

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yeah obama won yeah suck it!!!!\!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Barack Obama won the election by a landslide because the majority of voters knew who was the better candidate.

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