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 Who values their time so little that they will create endless puppet accounts to troll CD? (14)

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Who values their time so little that they will create endless puppet accounts to troll CD?

What kind of person exactly?
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An irrationally angry English commie manlet, too cowardly to face the real world, too full of self righteousness to suck on an exhaust pipe.

Can't think of anyone offhand who fits that description.

AstralPlane(34) Disputed
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too cowardly to face the real world

You are here too, you delusional ginger idiot. You literally sell guns to kids, so you've got some nerve criticising me. And I'd never suck on an exhaust pipe because, however bad things get, at least I know I'm not ginger.

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Putting aside the semantics of who does the selling and who it's directly sold to; no, it doesn't take much nerve to criticize you at all.

I get outside. I skillfully build high quality machines. I empower youth with tools to perform shooting accomplishments that you wouldn't believe if I told you. Last year I watched a fifteen year old kid, using a gun I built for him, put five bullets on three targets in 0.97 seconds. Even if you subjectively don't respect the dedication to building his skill, that kid has accomplishments that most people his age will never dream of, and the confidence he built from that will make him a force to be reckoned with when he gets a little older both on and off of a shooting range. I provided the tools for him to do that.

That takes nerve. That takes getting up at 4 AM to work out, take care of the kids before daycare, get out the door on time, and work like a fucking dog not just because I need to pay the bills but because I fucking love it. When was the last time you built something you take pride in to contribute to society? When was the last time you stayed off of this shithole website for any extended period of time? Because the evidence you've provided indicates never. It seems as if your whole sad life revolves around arguing on the internet with no balance afforded for actually doing anything useful off of a screen.

This bullshit, on Createdebate? It's a hobby, not a career. That's the difference between us. That's why it doesn't take much nerve at all to criticize you.

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create endless puppet accounts

Like everything else you ever write, this is not true. I create one single account at a time, Andy bans it for no reason, I open another, and the cycle continues.

Amarel(5667) Disputed
1 point

Who even referred to you? Whoever you are. .

Norwich(1240) Disputed
1 point

Sounds like a cat & mouse saga to me.

You try to outsmart Andy with your collection of puppet accounts rolling endlessly off your cyber conveyor belt and he must establish that he is the sponsor of this site and it is he, and he alone who decides who is permitted or not permitted to participate in HIS FORUM.

Be sure your sins will come back and bite you in the ass.

PotatoJunkie(30) Disputed
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Sounds like a cat & mouse saga to me.

Sounds to me like you spend your lonely nights drinking cider out of the bottle and whining about black people like a broken record.

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Obviously snowflakes and those who get offended so easily by the truth. "Sciencerules" is one of them. I've seen him and others show up just to troll my arguments that are pure factual. They are clearly screaming karens and snowflakes by definition. They can't handle the truth and seek out to alternate it with their own subjective toxic narratives. Meanwhile, I only spend some time on here, most days, I go out with friends and such.