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Who was a better Quarterback?

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Brett Favre

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Dan Marino

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Brett Favre is and was a better quarterback than Marino. If you look at the stats, Favre has surpassed Marino in pretty much every statistical category. Favre has 151 wins as a starter (1st), 442 TD passes (1st), 5,377 career completions (1st), 253 consecutive starts (1st) and 8,759 pass attempts (1st).

While much of this is due to the longevity of Favre's career (and for completeness sake I should mention that Favre also holds the career record for most interceptions), his statistics speak for themselves.

Also, it should be mentioned that Favre won a Super Bowl and Marino never did.

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My point exactly.

He had great talent and dedecation.

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Brett Favre was the Green Bay Packers.

He worked for 17 years, making great passes, and having a ton of great seasons.

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Brett Favre is better than Dan Marino for you could look at the statistics between both of them.

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Brett Favre was a better quarterback than Dan Marino based on statistics and rings; however, is Favre the best quarterback ever? Now, but eventually it will be Tom Brady or Peyton Manning.

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Brett Favre was the best. He was always great on the field.

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