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Who was a better president?

Ronald Reagan

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Jimmy Carter

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Between the two, I have to go with Reagan.

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Some of my favorite Reagan moments.

Ronald Reagan
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There is no question within that question.

What's the definition of a "better president".

Was one of these guys a better president, if yes. Which one?

I side with Reagan.

If your a extreme liberal your going to think Carter is. Carter started the Department of Energy.

Side: Ronald Reagan

This has to be the dumbest question ever put on here.

First of all Jimmy Carter is a traitor and this is why.

He is a hypocrite. He pretends to be this loving and devout Christian and his actions against President Bush, and his outright hatred for him was unbelievable. Most Presidents who are out of office do not attack the one in office...but that was a goal of Carters. Showing love? How was saying on the Todays Show that the war was wrong and unnecessary make those who have family serving or killed for that matter feel? He attacked the Bush while we were at war. He loves dictators..and has been in bed with North Korea for years. So much Jimmy for your human rights work.....obviously he wears blinders with NKorea. He loved Khomeini. And because of his big mouth the Shah of Iran listened to him and hundeds were killed.

He also makes anti-American remarks and I believe he hates America...although he won't come out and say it. His actions show it.

He hates Jews and his focus today is against Israel. He wants the World to hate Jews. Must be he never opened up his Bible and read about why this conflict is going on today. And the poor hostages that he did nothing about for over 400 some days....

What an injustice occured when he accepted the Peace Prize that HE CAMPAIGNED FOR....FOR YEARS.

He was the worst president we have ever had in our history. He was a joke and today is an embarrassment to our nation.

On Good Morning America, Carter said that "what is being done to the Palestinians under Israeli domination is really atrocious. It's a terrible affliction on these people."

I love what Michael Savage says........" Jimmy Carter is an anti-American, anti-Semitic swine."

Carter should moved to North Korea.

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I've done some research into it and I agree with you on the actual debate. Though really? "This has to be the dumbest question ever put on here." You've got to be kidding me, just because you feel so strongly on one side does not mean the actual question is idiotic. While I am most likely taking it more seriously than you meant it. Also according to books, Carter is not the worst President of the United States for the most part the census is that Andrew Jackson was the worst president. Per books, he did absolutely nothing in fact he destroyed the national bank which took quite a while to repair itself.

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Nancy Reagan, Ronald had Alzheimers. If your going to give credit, give credit to where it deserves it.

Side: Nancy Reagan

From documentaries, text, and the internet I would deduce that Ronald Reagan is the better of the two. On top of the works of prior Presidents he lessened the tension between the United States of America an then Soviet Russia. He visited Russia and had Mikhail Gorbachev visit the USA. Going off of foreign policy as well as things I haven't mentioned I would hold Ronald Reagan above Jimmy Carter.

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Can't really say who was a better president. Some of the presidents did good things. But the good cannot be compared.

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