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 Who was/is the best Professional Soccer Player ever? (8)

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Who was/is the best Professional Soccer Player ever?

Anyone that played pro soccer (please don't say yourself)

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I would have to say Kaka or rolando. They both have great skills and speed that they can almost do anything on the field.

Side: kaka
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The only person in football history who has the right to claim "best player ever" is Zinedine Zidane.

Side: kaka
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I would like to say Christiano Ronaldo (he is my favorite player)

But Ronaldinho is so much better

Side: Ronaldinho

It is obviously ronaldinho. He is much better than Kaka, he is a great scorer and a great team playa

Go Ronaldinho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Side: Ronaldinho

The fact that Pele has not been mentioned yet shocks me. Has anybody seen this man play the game? He's a magician! People drool over Ronaldhino and Ronaldo and all these big shots, but Pele outclasses them all. Really, people.

Side: Pele

Pele was the greatest that ever lived.....go look on you tube to see if they have some tapes. I'm not a soccer kid but I lived his career with him.

Side: Pele
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i love cristiano ronaldo but now he has gone to real madrid and i dont know why. for the money,

Side: Ronaldo

The professional legendary player: Diego Maradona. He's a player full of skills and those who watched him play is confirmed to be entertained by his style of play.

He's fast, alert, strategic and brave to do tricks in front of thousands of people.

Side: Maradona