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 Who was the WORST president of the United States? (17)

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Who was the WORST president of the United States?

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Its too bad Obama hasn't been voted out of office yet; come November he will be my choice. Apart from him, I would definitely go with Lyndon Johnson. His unrelenting and infamous campaigns in Vietnam account for one of the worst times in United States history. Johnson also opposed anti-lynching legislation and supported a great number of anti-black positions. His Great Society program was horrendous for blacks and resulted in a huge amount of lazy citizens, a common theme in most socialist plans.

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FDR, he nearly drove our country to ruin by wasting loads of money on his New Deal plans, if it wasn't for WWII U.S.A would never have become a superpower.

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Teddy Roosevelt, I remember him he was an asshole.

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If Teddy Roosevelt were alive today, he'd be one of those insufferable would-be Tyler Durden luddite crust-punks on a trust fund.

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It's traditionally thought to be Hoover or A. Johnson or Carter, isn't it?

I'd say FDR, though Hoover isn't blameless in setting the precedent for his deathless un-American policies. Jackson would be a follow-up.

GuitaristDog(2547) Clarified
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By Jackson do you mean Andrew Jackson, the man who was able to kill the second attempt at a central bank in America?

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This would be the same FDR that put millions into jobs, introduced the Social Security Act so that you don't have to work into your old age not to starve, and gave workers the right to form unions so that they couldn't be exploited by their greedy profit-driven employers? The FDR who actually started talking to the people through his "fire side chats" and was the same man who actually agreed to fight the Nazis in the first place? This is your choice of worst President? When Reagan wanted to put missiles in space and Johnson sent over 540,000 troops to Vietnam? When Nixon deliberately sabotaged peace talks with the VC to ensure his rise to power, then spent a whole other year attempting to end the violence again - not even to mention the Water Gate scandal? And Bush - Iraq??? How is it that Roosevelt is the worst out of these lot?

I hope I have made my disbelief apparent...

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Got to be Lincoln for me. Sure he ended slavery, but that was at the cost of thousands of lives. He could have ended slavery in way that would have prevented the deaths of so many lives, it would have taken longer, yeah, but it would have been more beneficial.

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His goal wasn't to end slavery; he spoke repeatedly on his desire not to end (but curtail, which was the first step in ending it at that point) slavery and his firm belief in the subjugation of the negro. His only immediate goal was to cripple the Southern economy, to which end he was willing to abridge all kinds of liberties and become a tyrannical shitlord.

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I mean... George Bush.. The guy was a complete Physco, he started the Iraq and Iran wars, and everyone treats hiim liek a hero. he has the blood of thousands of innocent people on his hands.

Troy8(2431) Disputed
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Now I'm not one to complain about misspellings, but come on. I do not agree that he is a psycho, he correctly made the decision to respond to the atrocious 9/11 attacks. He did draw these wars out far too long, but starting them was not the problem. Most people don't treat him like a hero; his approval ratings near the end of his presidency were among the lowest ever recorded.

Assface(406) Disputed
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Who has ever treated George Bush like a hero?

Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Bush and Obama. My four least favorites.

Lyndon Johnson because he escalated the Vietnam War and he signed the Civil Rights Bill when his heart wasn't in it.