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 Who was the best James Bond? (5)

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Who was the best James Bond?

There has been so many differnet people that have played Bond over the years, In your oppinion who is the best.

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I am going with Daniel Craig the newest Bond. He played the part so well in both the movies they put him in.

Side: Daniel Craig

Well, it really comes down to Generational Bias. I am partial to Pierce Brosnan because he is the first whom I seen the 007 movies. However, Daniel Craig is very good as well.

Side: Pierce Brosnan
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I have seen a few James Bond movies. I always seemed to fall asleep - I wonder why?

They are the most boring movie series I've ever seen.

Daniel Craig was quite good, I thought.

Side: Pierce Brosnan
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i would have to go with Daniel Craig, he was a bit more edgy played it like a bad ass not suave like some of the others.

Side: Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan was the best James Bond to me because he had that suave element to him.

Side: Pierce Brosnan