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 Who will our next president be? (20)

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Who will our next president be?

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Probably an asshole.

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Definitely. Probably .01% chance you are wrong.

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Well, let's hope I am wrong.

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I think the next president will be a Republican. I see no reason why Obama has done a good enough job to lift the Democrats to a 3rd straight victory.

My guess would be someone who isn't really known yet. But, if not, I think Chris Christie.

I hope. People keep telling me Hillary Clinton will win, though I can't see why.

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I don't really know much about how good she would be. I like Chris Christie because he was nice to a Democrat once. I think that might hurt him later. We'll see I guess. Too early to think about.

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Zombie Hitler. It's happening, the apocalypse, turn zombie or be gassed and end up as a zombie anyway.

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Sounds like Obama is getting a third term...............................

Prolly a Republican.

I don't really care, as long as it isn't a fifth term of W.

I can't believe he managed to get elected to a 3rd and 4th term by putting on blackface.

Just as long as he or she is a Democrat is all that matters most to me.

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I can still only hope for RON PAUL! If that man was president so many of America's problems would be fixed

AngryGenX(463) Disputed
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You can fix all you want, it doesn't mean jack shit when you are bending over backwards to appease the muslims like that senile old fool wants to.

JackassTruth(83) Disputed
1 point

You are SUCH an American.

Ron Paul wants to put money in schools, fix the economy and stop blowing other countries up....

Yet, according to you, he is "senile".

America's views: Helping other people is senile.

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Definitely not a black person!

That would be nice discounts for the blacks at KFC.