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Who will reach mars first?

Trump says he wants a mission to the moon by the end of his first term and a mission to mars by the end of his second term, but can NASA really do it? And will SpaceX surpass NASA?


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Elon Musk

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I don't think we will reach Mars because of the radiation belts that the earth has. We can't get past them. It would fry our ships.

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Wait a minute, are you a proponent of the moon landing hoax hypothesis?

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NASA already launched a rocket BEFORE Trump was the prez you idiots. Start checking your facts.

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Well, since we've already reached Mars I would say NASA. We were able to land several rovers on the surface of Mars before Trump was even President. However if you mean colonize or send an actual human up there, I would still say NASA.

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SpaceX .

I don't think NASA will go to the mars . They are not interested in to move other planet like a mars . Researcher find out new way that move to on the ground without human .

Robot developed by NASA can move on Mars's surface with AI NASA thinking research on the ground no longer needed human .

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