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Who will win on Tuesday?

it's almost time

Barack Obama

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John McCain

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The dead horse this debate is beating.

Side: Dead Horse

This debate has been posted a million times but hey, why not?

Obama will win (gasp). Here is a pretty good site that takes into account all of the major polls in deciding the probable outcome. It predicts Obama will probably get over 360 electoral collage votes.

Supporting Evidence: Electoral Vote Histogram (
Side: Barack Obama

How many debates does this make on who will win on Tuesday November 4, 2008? 5, 10, 15, 20? No matter...I'm simply tired...but I won't be in January of 2009 when they swear in BARACK OBAMA as the next president of the United States of America. I am proud to lend my vote to the only man that makes sense on the issues and that I trust to end this fighting with all due speed and conscience. Chief Joseph said the words I would live by if I could..."I Will Fight No More, Forever." I know that this credo may no longer be possible in today's world but we must do everything in our power to end fighting throughout the world. I believe Barack Obama when he tells us that diplomacy must come before anything else.

Side: Barack Obama
JakeJ(3254) Disputed
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Why do you think he will win, tell me why, not why you think he should! I don't care if your tired, if your tired of it, leave it alone.

But, we both know your not tired, that was just to strengthen your point on there being more than one debate like this.

Side: John McCain
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JakeJ, don't ever presume to tell me if I am tired or sick or perturbed or anything else I might be. I don't need to strengthen my point...there are several debates going on and that have gone on concerning this topic. You don't know me so please, refrain from making assumptions.

Barack Obama will win because he makes sense, his platform is solid, he cares about the middle class and he is the man I wish to have in the White House because he has his finger on the pulse of America's needs! It's quite obvious that many people think and feel as I do. I don't want to see anyone sitting in the Oval Office that cares more about the military than anything else and with a VP who knows nothing about anything that would be germane to the position she is holding.

Side: Barack Obama
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Yes they can.

It's a sad election that has sided voters on physical attributes and not the issues.

Obama is a better choice than McCain, but he was absolutely smoked by Hillary and Edwards in the Dem. debates.

Women wanted women, blacks and uber liberals wanted Obama, and rich people want McCain.

What about people who actually listen to what they say?

Supporting Evidence: Yes We Can (
Side: Barack Obama
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as much as i would like McCain to wil i beleive that obama has the upper hand in this election but there may be the possibility that McCain wins.

Side: Barack Obama

John McCain is going to win this election and I don't care what anyone says. He is the most qualified candidate for the job. I know the American people will not elect a radical who is going to increase spending by $3 trillion: and that means your taxes go soaring.

John McCain and Sarah Palin are qualified candidates with moderate views that will lead this country and bring real change to Washington.

It will not be able until election night (because the media won't tell you before then), but McCain will be our next President.

Side: John McCain
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Actually even FAUX news has Obama predicted to win so I'm not sure what your talking about with claims that the media is liberally biased. Actually I think what's really going on is your in a bit of denial.

In your argument you give your reasons for why McCain should win and Obama shouldn't but this really doesn't go to say who will win. In fact I think most people would disagree with your claim that McCain has moderate views, and definitely that Palin does. She thinks abortion should be illegal even in cases of rape and incest, and she's a lifetime member of the NRA. This is not moderate.

Also as for your claim that "your taxes will go soaring." This is only if you make more than $250,000. In fact for most people you save more under Obama. See how much you'll save here:;=CInnyP630pYCFQVxFQod3nso2g

As for the McCain add you posted, I'm pretty sure that has nothing to do with this debate at all.

Side: Barack Obama
iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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Well, if you don't care what anyone says, what's the point of posting on a debate site there tiger.

Ignoring that Joe the Plumber was a fraud, that Sara Palin believes in witches, and that everything you said about Obama and taxes is a complete lie, that commercial completely sucks.

For one, none of them are even plumbers. Second I don't think any of them are even named Joe, certainly not that large lady, (that is a lady right?)

Notice I'm not taking your arguement seriously. That's because you're dumb. You claim to be a teenager, which would partially explain the dumb part, and you say things like "I don't care what anyone says." or in other arguements, "no one can tell me what to do." Or whatever. No, it's not just because you're wrong, I respectfully disagree with people on this site all the time. You though, I can only laugh at you.

You need to start listening to people. Your arguements are simple, juvenile, one sided, and exraordinarily silly. All that said, I don't believe in you. You're someone's sock puppet because no teenager would be such an incredible nerd that they would have an elephant symbol by their name, and the great imagination to come up with a name like "republican08." Did you come up with that yourself?

And if you are a teenager, I predict many lonely Saturday nights in your future, I suggest non-allergenic lotion.

Side: sock puppet
JakeJ(3254) Disputed
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"that Sara Palin believes in witches"




Side: John McCain
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We're all Joe the Plumber! McCain may have some qualifications but Palin certainly negated those when she was chosen as VP and came out knowing nothing on every interview she was given. Together they don't have a moderate thought between them. You think Palin is looking at the 2008 election? I hate to be the one to tell you this but 2008 is merely a stepping stone for her 2012 or 2016 candidacy. "Do you think I have done this for naught?" Her ignorant arrogance scares me.

Side: Barack Obama

Another down vote...and for a legit post...tsk tsk!

Side: Barack Obama
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I sure hope your right.

Side: John McCain
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as much as i would like McCain to win i highly doubt it will happen.

Side: John McCain