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Poopy Pants?. definitely not. Johnson/Macron/von der Leyen?
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Who will win the ''condemnation of Putin'' competition?

Yes siree Bob, the hens are a-clucking and a-hollering in the coop now that hard man Putin is showing the Western Wimps how it's done.
There's a time for talking and a time for doing. The Western leaders only know how to cluck-cluck and cackle-cackle.
While they were a-clucking and a-cackling Putin was implementing his strategy of demilitarizing Ukraine. 

Poopy Pants?. definitely not.

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Johnson/Macron/von der Leyen?

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The bewildered Western politicians and frenzied media are all squawking their ''old-hat'' rhetoric as they scramble for prominence in the Putin condemnation competition with their predictable cluck-cluck-clucking jamming the airwaves.

Putin has ''WARNED'' the west to stay out of his war with Ukraine''.

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They all talk a good fight and use rhetoric to try to off-set the frustrations of their guilt for not seeing the inevitability of Putin's plans for the military neutralization of the Ukraine and not being prudently proactive in employing preventative measures.

These are the overpaid, underworked useless shithead leaders of the Western world.

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"poopy pants"? C'mon now, surely you could find a less childish way of referring to the legitimate POTUS ... the replacement of the disgraced TWIMPOTUS of yesteryear! But given your reduced mentality ... "prolly" not!

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Pench(841) Disputed
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Wowee, your intellectual contribution to this topic is truly awesome.

It's refreshing to see how you researched the subject-matter in-depth and were able to present such a detailed and persuasive angle which most people probably failed to cognize.

When Poopy Pants was meeting members of the British Royal family he let fire with an enormous, ''WOMAN & CHILDREN FIRST, FART'' which Camilla Parker Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall described as being particularly loud, revoltingly smelly and extremely embarrassing.

During an audience with the Pope poor old President Poopy Pants had an accident in his Poopy Pants and had to be whisked away for a change of drawers.

A brainless cunt such as you from a long line of low life fucks probably didn't know about Poopy Pant's world famous Bowel Cabaret Shows.

The term PRESIDENT POOPY PANTS was coined and reported by most of the world's press as well as many satirical magazines and that's how he's commonly referred to.


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AlofRI(3287) Clarified
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Well, Stench, apparently y0ur consummation with hate for democracy and freedom has made you smarter than anyone else your own small mind. How old are you? I've got you pegged at from 17 to 22. A TOO SMART FOR YOUR OWN GOOD (in your own mind) adolescent who doesn't, and never has, respected his elders ....or their mothers for that matter. No, I didn't hear about "the fart", nor did I want to. I wouldn't want to hear about one of yours either. I'm sure it would compare in stench, given the crap you have swallowed politically. Well, enough of this wasted time. I hope you find out how confused you are .... before it's too late! Rump, and his buddy Putin are the scum of this Earth, and your right-wing buddies fit "right" in with that!

BYE! I left out the "good" purposely. It just doesn't seem to fit with you, in any way.

Side: Poopy Pants?. definitely not.