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 Who would win in a duel to the death: Ironman or Batman? (5)

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Who would win in a duel to the death: Ironman or Batman?

Many people in my school are debating on who would win in a duel to the death: Ironman or Batman? A lot of people think that Ironman would because he shoots rockets out of his titanium alloy suit. Many think Batman would win because he's like a modern day ninja based warrior. I'd like your opinions.

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It completely depends on the setting.

A cage match to the death, then Iron Man would win.

However, Batman is more resourceful. In many a comic it has been only Batman who was able to save even the most powerful superhero Superman when some alien entity took over his brain and made him evil.

So if they are not locked within a cage where 2 enter and 1 leave, Batman would find a way to defeat Ironman.

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I think iron man. especially if he has his new gadgets and if they get a partner.. fo sho iorn man because Rohdey owns robin

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Batman would win because he would hide in the shadow's like a ninja and the pop out if no-where and take iron man out. Or Batman would just shoot an EMP at iron man.

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I believe that Iron man would win. There is one problem as people say, an emp. An emp could destroy the Iron man suit which is very true, but there is only one "problem" for Batman. Tony Stark is not stupid, he has made his suit to with stand about any thing. I bet you that, that suit of his can somehow with stand an emp. And to say that Iron man has fought against 2 different gods (Thor and Loki), and a whole army of super tech aliens, and the Hulk. Winning or losing against them makes no difference, the fact that iron man can compete in strength with those people, shows something. I mean imagine Batman against any of those people. Batman could without a doubt do just as we as Iron man against the aliens, but against Thor, Loki, the Hulk he would be in some deep shit. Saying that the Hulk has cell regeneration that makes him virtually impossible to kill. Iron man could also take simultaneous hits by Thor's hammer, can get hit by a missile right one. and he sure as hell survives that, but i don't think that Batman's armor is as strong as Iron mans. And people saying that Batman can with his grappling hook take the Iron man suit of Tony is ridiculous, because if a missile don't destroy him then a little grappling hook won't do nothing. Batman is stronger than most any "Super Hero", but i personally think that he is in for quite a battle if he thinks that he can just take the Iron man. And just to clarify, Batman and Iron man are both so very smart, but Iron man can do something that Batman can't. Iron man can build Super high tech things, where Batman can build stuff to, but not close to the same level as Iron man. And saying that Batman would be able to hack into Iron mans suit or programs is ridiculous because it would not be a surprise to me if most any computer/tech problem he could solve so much faster than batman could. And Batman has the problem he is becoming old, weaker, and slower. Then you may think so is Tony, but Tony couldn't care less, he is a master of micro technology, he can do something to his body and he isn't using his strength, he is using the suits strength. But obviously without gadgets Batman with make a happy meal of Tony, but with gadgets and stuff, Batman is gone have to go home and play with the Joker.

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Tony Stark is crafty and he is more intelligent than Batman. Tony Stark has advanced technology to overcome Batman.

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