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The Shredder Megatron
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Who would win in a fight?

Don't count out Shredder, he's a ninja.

The Shredder

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I'm gonna go with the massive underdog here. The Shredder does have the Foot Clan to back him up, perhaps that could even the odds. Oh, maybe if Shredder was driving the Technodrome he might survive, maybe send Megatron to Dimension-X.

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Side: Megatron

This one is pretty obvious. Megatron is a fucking transformer.

Side: Megatron
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I agree.

Shredder was pretty lame/generic from what I remember, while Megatron is nothing but badass.

Side: Megatron

If he was Super Shredder MAYBE, but no, not if he was regular old shredder.

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Megatron is a huge metal beast and Shredder is a ninja ( from Ninja Turtles right? ) I mean there is no match megatron would just blow shredder up

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megatron would kick ass!

especially because he can transformers into a cybertronian jet and a cybertronian tank!

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you know who is going to win. Megatron, he puts one foot on him and he gets crushed.

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Megatron ownnnnns :) so yes, i say Megatron......................................

Side: Megatron