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Child molester! same sex homosexual!
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Who would you rather your child be in a cell with?

So your child is in prison for whatever reason and there's the option of 2 people a homosexaul that has never molested a child and a child molester that was caught a few days before violently raping a child.

Some of yall have said you will never let your child around a gay. But what if their was no better option?

Child molester!

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same sex homosexual!

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Of course you should choose the homosexual. Gay people aren't monsters. They're normal people who have sex in a different way. Big deal.

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Yes, but people do not see it that way. Some see gays as a person that would abuse children. Whilst others are like my child would never be allowed to hang around a gay kid. When in reality their the same as a hetersosexual the only differnce is that gays are attracted to the same sex instead of the opposite.

We most definitely do not like everyone of the same sex we see. Gays do have a type also. And do have emotions contrary to belief.

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LichPotato(362) Clarified
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Could you please provide examples of actual people who believe in the things you claim, i.e. that "gays are child abusers" and "I would never allow my child around a gay person"?

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Would I rather my child be put in a cell with someone who will likely attack her or someone that simply is attracted to the same gender? Really? What sick parent would rather have their child molested?

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Why would my child be in a cell? Why would a kid be in jail? This would never happen because I would be a parent and discipline my child before he ever goes to jail.

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NicolasCage(506) Disputed
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He's clearly speaking figuratively. Don't be so pompous.


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DevinSeay(1120) Disputed
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Speaking of pompous....

I know where he was going with it. I was just making a realistic argument. Too bad you can't understand that. But maybe one day, sonny.

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The homosexual of course, though I would advise my kid not to drop the soap.

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