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 Who's going to win the 2008 World Series? (4)

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Who's going to win the 2008 World Series?

Do the Sox have what it takes to repeat?
Sox feeling confident (

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The Boston Red Sox OVER the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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At this point the Red Sox look like the best team and will likely repeat.
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It's way too early to tell...the Red Sox don't seem to have what it takes this year, they always start out well but my guess is that they cool down as the year goes on. Then there are the new teams, Rays, Nationals anyone? I doubt it, but wouldn't be surprised if they made the playoffs. They've got talent. So do the Yankees, if they can get all their players healthy and producing, they have a great chance at No. 27. The Indians, as always, are close contenders with their excellent pitching.

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Don't count out the Washington Nationals. They're a very young team but I wouldn't be surprised if Zimmerman took them far in to the playoffs and maybe even in to the World Series.