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Whose propaganda is more effective?

I think all of us (adults) can admit that both camps are not above using propaganda as a device for their ends. So let's entertain a debate on the question of who is more effective with it in certain categories.

Pick your propaganda poison.

Examples not excluding other examples are:

Conservatives are better at War propaganda than liberals are at Anti-War propaganda.

Liberals are better at Social propaganda than Conservatives are at Anti-Social propaganda.



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Why? Because =======> side has all the up-votes.

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Liberals are better at name calling in spite of political correctness ;)

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zombee(1026) Disputed
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It's kind of ironic that directly below you someone who is definitely not a liberal and may or may not be a conservative just used gratuitous name calling.

And that's not the only example of someone calling a liberal names in this thread.

And that no liberals have popped up to insult anyone in this thread.

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Maybe he was abused as a child by liberal parents that subjected him to liberal views at a very early age ;)

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Well it depends on who you are :P

Liberals (bastards who'll cause humanity to rot from inside out) will fall for liberal propaganda more effectively and conservatives will fall for conservative propaganda more effectively.

I think however liberals are a lot sneakier and deceptive whereas conservatives tend not to be able to hide their motives very well.

So liberals win this time around....

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JayAr(182) Disputed
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(I'm sorry that I added a point to the other side of the debate, there is no none support option)

I wish to dispute that. Like you said people are already pre-disposed to what they wish to vote for. However I think that it is more along the lines of who has the best looking propaganda, and best 5 second debate tactics. The other highest variable is how often the propaganda is seen/heard, this is important.

Both sides try to trick their motives into people using various methods. The only way to be immune from these propaganda tactics is to have common sense and to know some politics.

Side: conservatives
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The only way to be immune from these propaganda tactics is to have common sense and to know some politics.

How many people have that?? I doubt there's many people out there whose ideals aren't affected by propoganda

Side: Liberals
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Conservatives have religion as means of propaganda, but the problem with religion is it places moral standards that are too great on individuals who are anything put moral beings.

Lefties on the other hand have the self-righteous "good of the people" stance that allows them to criticize conservatives despite the fact that they don't follow their own rules.

As for who has the better propaganda I will give the point to the left. When a conservative steps out of line and cheats on wife, is gay, or makes a politically incorrect statement they get hammered not only from the left but from other conservatives.

On the flip side when a leftest cheats their taxes, makes a racist statement, or makes a politically incorrect statement their entire base not only fails to penalize them but actually tries to justify their action like it was no big deal.

Side: Lefties
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Liberals always know their ideas ALWAYS result in less freedom. So, they instead attack their enemies with propaganda which is doing very very very well.

Side: Liberals
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Death panels, Creationism, Obama is a socialist, Global Warming as a conspiracy, Smaller government yet voted for Bush twice, etc.

I cannot think of a major Republican issue that is not based entirely on completely made up propaganda. I cannot say the same for liberals so conservatives must be geniuses in this field. It would be funny how dumb people were if it did not directly effect my government to such detriment.

Side: Conservatives
lawnman(1106) Disputed
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Would not that argument evidence that liberals are adept in the use of propaganda, while at the same time supporting the argument that conservatives are inept in the use of the propaganda? And thusly liberals are so much more effective with propaganda that their skills render it nearly undetectable?

Personally, I don’t have a problem with propaganda in its initial phases. Though, after that all bets are off ( liberal or conservative).

Propaganda: propagation of confidence.

I do think the U.S. is more liberal today than it was twenty-years ago; it evidences to me that the liberal propaganda is more effective, for better or for worse.

Side: Liberals
iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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While there is certainly liberal propaganda, they don't go with the "Big Lie" type propaganda, and in my opinion a little truth is better than none at all.

And the country has become far more conservative over the last couple of decades.

The conservative deity Reagan would be a moderate by today's standards, and would be pushed out of any primary by an insane right tea bagger. Obama's record so far is more moderate than Clinton's, yet Obama is the "far left socialist" not Clinton (though this may have a lot to do with the color of his skin)

While it is nearly impossible for a moderate Conservative to get into office or stay in office today, it is equally difficult to get a progressive liberal in office. Thus the shift right. Instead of moderates legislating with moderates you have moderates trying to legislate with the far right.

This is evidenced further by the record number of philibusters. Last year had literally twice as many philibusters than any other year in history. This is what happens when only the fringe of one side is represented.

So while the power shift is not apparent when looking strictly at the labels dem an rep, the issues represented have indeed shifted right.

Considering this it seems the "Big Lie" theory of propaganda practiced by the likes of Fox News must be more effective than the one-sided but at least accurate propaganda of the likes of MSNBC.

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TERMINATOR(6779) Disputed
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Maybe conservatives "see the light"?

Side: Liberals

Conservatives are better at making rational debates. ;)

Side: Conservatives
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To me it's pretty hard to pin point who, in general, is better at propaganda.

If you wish to go about economics, the majority keeps on switching on who they agree with more. Socialism vs. Capitalism. People never seem to make up their mind. So that one is a stalemate.

When it comes to war, obviously we see that most Americans are against the Iraq War, but Conservatives were pretty good at getting support in the beginning (mainly because it's pretty easy to get initial support for a pro-war stance). Eventually, people start being against the war, though. So for war propaganda, it starts with the Conservatives (point out how the enemies JUST killed Americans) and then Liberals (convince Americans that enemies aren't that bad). Another Stalemate.

But one thing that I've seen that's stayed strong is the whole family values and traditional America crap. Sure, the youth maintain a Liberal culture, but majority of Americans still believe in the whole Traditional bullshit. This is why Gay Marriage usually only gets legalized if the state court decides so. And with all kinds of censorship (which Liberals have some, but Conservatives dominate it with the FCC and MPAA).

So with 2 stalemates and 1 to the Conservatives, Conservatives seem to have more effective propaganda.

Side: Conservatives

Ultimately, conservatives have much more effective propaganda because liberals preach more government, and this only results in less freedom, responsibility and choice, and who in their right mind really wants less freedom. Not me?

Liberals love the idea of government making decisions for the general public.

Side: Conservatives