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Israel Radical Islamic Terrorists
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Radical Islamic Terrorists

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Well seeing as how Israel is not in the wrong from any opinion other than that of a Radical Islamic Terrorist, I should say that Israel has my support! And don't try to BS me with this "well radical islam is poor compared to Israel and hasn't the technology to defend themselves against Israel's military" crap that people keep telling me! Don't sympathize with a nation that posed a war they clearly couldn't win in the first place! That was their fault and we shouldn't feel sorry for them and hate Israel, we should laugh at them for trying to take down Israel in the first place!

Side: Israel
ledhead818(637) Disputed
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I see you have been propagandized thoroughly. People like you are the reason that the conflict in the Middle East even exists. You think all Muslims are "radical extremist Muslims" and you essentially dehumanize them. You even say we shouldn't feel sorry for innocent civilians who were killed and we should laugh at them. You and bigots like you on the other side need to learn some empathy. It really makes me sad when I see Jews and Muslims who automatically demonize members of the other religion. I have great respect for one of my Jewish friends who grew up with her parents constantly brainwashing her to believe all Muslims are bad and radical and every action of Israel is good and just. She understands that both sides are at fault and recognizes that Israel has been unjust in its use of force.

Israel is wrong from the opinion of anyone who values the sanctity of life. Their recent invasion of Gaza was a massacre. I understand that some people in Gaza are firing rockets into Israel. But more civilians in Gaza have died than civilians in Israel. It really is not fair to kill many innocent civilians because of the evil of a few. Israel has abused its superior military, economy, and political power.

These are a few of the atrocities committed by Israel in the invasion of Gaza.

Israel bombed a school in Gaza,8599,1870087,00.html

Israel prevented and delayed the Red Cross and rescue workers from gaining access to victims (In the middle of the article)

Israel used white phosphorus in the massacre in Gaza in violation of international law;=650&width;=850 (This includes a video showing injuries consistent with the results of white phosphorus WARNING: Graphic)

Journalists were denied access to Gaza to show what Israel did,0,6823964.story (Toward the end of the article)

I would like to remind that the way you are dehumanizing Muslims is exactly the same strategy that Hitler, and every other organizer of genocide, employed.

Side: Humanity
Tugman(749) Disputed
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Who flew two planes into the World Trade Center? Who bombed the embassy in Kenya? Have you heard of Anti Jewish riots in Palestine in the 1930s? Jews were slaughtered by Arabs doing it in the name of Allah. If the Palestinians can stop attacking Israel then everything will improve. Israel is faced with annhilation and it will do anything to ensure its survival. I hope Obama does not give in to his Muslim background and abandon Israel.

Side: Israel
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Israel has won four wars against overwhelming odds. They have probably the most powerful Military in the region so It will be stupid to attack them.

Side: Israel
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Well, this is an obviously biased debate.

But i still prefer Israel over the Radical Islamic control in the Middle East.

Really, it's a root for the underdog... Liberal Hollywood likes that sort of stuff anyway, and Israel, surrounded by people who hate them, is surely the underdog.

Israel is a modern Sparta. They do what they can to protect their own and defeat the enemy. They have done some pretty bad things to the Palestinians, but, the Palestinians are no Angels. Palestinians would launch rocket after rocket at the Israelis and even into their schools. So, the Israelis bomb the shit out of them. Yeah, they kill innocents... but what other choice do they have? The cease fire agreement was broken by the Palestinians. I think some people forget about the fact that in War, there are no rules (if you want to live).

Side: Israel
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How about this: Not all muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are muslims? Concidence?

Or how about the fact that it seems that a large majority of world conflicts (with the exception of South America and Antartica, LOL) seem to be muslim-related?

If anything, rest of the countries which have problems with their muslim population should learn from Israel how to deal with terrorists. Not doing anything about muslim terrorists attacks only invites these muslim terrorists and their followers to do it again, and again, and again...........untill someone says "no more".

Israel all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Side: Israel
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I support the ONLY free and democratic country in the middle east. They have shown incredible resilience as well as restraint in the midst of bloodthirsty, fanatical savages that are fully committed to their destruction.

Side: Israel
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Come on, really? Either Israel is morally and legally legitimate or you're a radical Islamic Terrorist? That's the grand dichotomy?

Well, my single cent: Israel, the state, has no moral ground to stand on in its foundation and subsequent mistreatment of the displaced peoples of the region.

Side: Not Israel
Tugman(749) Disputed
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Israel offered peace to the Palestinians in 1948 and the Palestinians instead side with the invading Arab armies and as a result they got caught on the losing side. They need to adopt peace and tolerance rather than sucide bombing and hate.

Side: Israel
rbamattre(15) Disputed
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If England had offered its American colony peace in 1775, would they have accepted? If Gandhi was offered peace, albeit a peaceful occupation, would he have accepted? Peace is always conditional, you can desire peace, but reject the conditions.

I don't agree with violent methods of revolution, I think they create a unending cycle of retribution. But I don't think they will stop as long as Palestine doesn't have control over its own sovereignty.

Side: Radical Islamic Terrorists
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In pure protest against the ridiculous options provided, I'm going to go on this side.

Side: Humanity
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Just don't post in these troll debates. It will only make the moron who made them feel like he's winning. There's no point arguing if he's not even smart enough to try to conceal his brainwa-- sorry, "bias," when he makes the debate.

Side: Radical Islamic Terrorists
nigelc(49) Banned
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Yeah, I'm definitely joining this side due to the obvious bias in the naming of the two parties. This whole debate and how it was phrased is BS.

Side: Radical Islamic Terrorists