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Why Are Conservatives So Terrified About Challenging Me Inside The Arena Of Battle?

I yearn for a real test of my skills, but it is so very difficult to find a Conservative who isn't intellectually deficient. Philosophical men might consider this to be no coincidence. Perhaps Conservatism itself is intellectually deficient. What do you think?

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We Need Guns To Feel Like Men

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Well, records show that the majority of Trump voters were white, non-college. Perhaps that leads to your problem??

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I've been trying to get one Progressive, Liberal, Democrat, Leftwinger, or whatever you want to call yourself, to address my arguments addressing how the Left suppports No Restriction abortions of viable special needs babies (Downs syndrome special olympic kids and other special needs babies).

I found one person who had the guts and honesty to respond to the inhumanity of what their side supports.

Doctors testified during the Partial Birth Abortion Congressional hearings to the statistics that Down Syndrome late term viable babies were the largest numbers of late term Abortions.

Some European nations are almost bragging about how they have almost erradicated these wonderful special needs babies from their midst. down-syndrome-births/

Are you too terrified to speak to what the Left supports when electing politicans who suppurt such inhumanity? I realize that your side feels superior to those special needs babies who might not be as "intelligent" as you.

Tell me why the Left believe's it is superior, and would support the right to kill these special needs babies for merely being different, for being diverse, or for looking different from yourselves? Tolerance, inclusiveness, openmindedness. I thought those were your calling card?

You are challenged! Are you too terrified to respond?

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As always no reply! You phoney Liberals are the biggest hypocrites on the planet.

Where are you? Who is terrified of what? It is you terrified of the truth? Yes, the Left is very terrified of Conservatives like me who show their inhumanity and hypocrisy.

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