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Why Are We All So Full Of Hate?

All of us, including me. We are all full of loathing. Why?

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Because on some level we recognize that existence is an indifferent cesspool of suffering but hating existence is futile so we misdirect our fury at people to make ourselves feel a little brighter in the darkness.

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Im not ''denying everything'', but I don't feel like admitting it either ;) HAHA!

No for real.

i just L O V E to argue - not about personal stuff, but I love to argue about ethical and political dilemmas. And I think some of us at least on this site (not all) feel the same way, it's exhilarating.

Sometimes that eagerness, the enthusiasm and all that energy can be interpreted as anger or hate. I don't believe it is true anger or hate - for some it is of course.

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i just L O V E to argue - not about personal stuff, but I love to argue about ethical and political dilemmas. And I think some of us at least on this site (not all) feel the same way, it's exhilarating.

Completely agree. I love a good argument and got addicted to it at an early age. The problem I discovered is that people seldom thank you when you tell them things they don't wish to hear. The human propensity to self-justify one's own beliefs and behaviours, at any cost, and by any means necessary, is the stuff of sheer legend. You see it here on this board in some fairly extravagant forms, like for example the way some of the trolls avoid engaging a topic entirely, and choose to make every post a personal attack. They do that because they don't want their own opinions scrutinised.

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shoutoutloud(4269) Clarified
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I get what you're saying, I don't disagree, but I also think there is an alternative motive for that kind of behavior.

In danish there is this thing we say sometimes ''losing your face". We can both lose our own faces, we can also make other people lose their faces. What it refers to is when our vulnerability is exposed, we are embarrassed, and we react in an illogical and even childish way. This happens all the time, for example when someone says something with great confidence, only to have his incorrections exposed.

As part of my degree I took this one course that had to do with cooperation (working together) in interprofessional settings. So for instance a nurse working with a doctor, a teacher working with a psychologist or what have you. In this course we had some reflections of how it isn't always beneficial to expose someones incorrections. It takes a toll on the work-environment, and the trust between colleagues.

So we were taught techniques on how to make someone else realize their own mistakes, because as humans we are simply way more receptible to our self-criticism than criticism from others.

This course also had us reflect on how we could change this about ourselves, so that we don't ''lose our faces'' when someone criticizes our work.

So point is: I don't think it is about ego, I think it is pride, and the fear of exposed vulnerability. We just .. don't like to be embarrassed, it's not a good feeling and it's definitely a feeling that if we do not choose to express it, we certainly use a lot of energy surpressing it.

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Miocene(613) Banned
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As the site's resident loony leftest ''hate monger'' you should have all the answers to your own question.

You are a one man, rampaging HATE MOB whose chief aim is to create bad blood and discord among the site's members and to disrupt any attempts at conducting rational debates within this forum.


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As the site's resident loony leftest ''hate monger'

Yes, you've very much demonstrated that by using my debate as a platform to attack me in an unprovoked fit of rage!!!!!

To be perfectly honest your trolling is just completely pointless so I'm banning you. You're just plain fucking boring. Sorry. Rule number one. If you are going to be a troll at least be entertaining.

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BurritoLunch(5192) Clarified
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Although, I feel I have to add: congratulations on finding the right debate this time!!!!


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