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 Why Do People Say Thing That They Know Wont Come True (6)

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Why Do People Say Thing That They Know Wont Come True

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This question is not phrased to allow a for/against response. Try re-phrasing it.

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i was letting it be for free response so i don't need to "re-phrase" thank you very much

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My opinion:

Everybody has their wishes, so they want to talk about their wishes. However, almost the things which we talk are never come true.

I always get the same problem, because i always say about the best things and the wonderful things ... but they wont come true :(

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Well, everyone has desires and desperation's, but I have noticed that when people make comments that are obviously forced, it is usually in a state of denial.

People get desperate when they don't get their way; sometimes it can seem like their way is the only way. Then people deny the opposing obvious - even when it has smacked them right in the face!

People are, in many instances, in denial over the stupidest things, but at the end of the day, people can get very desperate.

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People love pipe dreams.----------------------------------------

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Maybe they think if they say it enough then it will happen. I really don't understand your question because almost anything that i can think of is a possibility.

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