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Revenge Hunter is a bad man
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Why Hunter Biden? He's not in government. He has NO influence over government.


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Hunter is a bad man

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Why Hunter Biden? He's not in government. He has NO influence over government.

Jesus Christ dude. He's a middle man in a money laundering scheme with foreign governments. The Bidens sell politics to the highest foreign bidder. They then have the money sent to Hunter so that no politicians are directly involved to cover their ass. Then he sends his dad crazy amounts per month like $100,000 for "rent" on a house that costs $2,000 to rent that he doesn't even live in. You're "informed"? Then why don't you ever seem to know shit about even the basics on these matters? It's all in those fucking emails that you didn't read, and the media you trust tried to cover up. Why haven't you read them? I mean don't you want to be informed as to what is in them? Don't you love the Constitution and the law and want to know exactly what these mother fuckers were and are up to with your god damned money?

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Well, if the question had never been asked the answer would not have been set forth in such a precise and accurate fashion.

Unfortunately however the perennial problem of tribal politics in the U.S., means that when the facts are applicable to THE CHIEF(S) of one's preferred political party they are ignored, pooh-poohed or branded as Nazi propaganda.

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