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 Why I don't support LGBT (4)

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Why I don't support LGBT

Okay, I didn't mean to act like Sitar by making a debate basically about me, but hear me out :p

What the gay rights movement means to me is equality between genders, breaking down the barriers, gender roles and somehow neutralizing the terms of "men and women" to the point where they become irrelevant in society.

I support gay rights, I support equal rights and I support movements focusing on equality in general, whether it be gender, sexuality, race, or whatever.

However, what bothers me about the organization LGBT is that tiny  ''T'' in the end, which stands for transgender.

Maybe you're thinking that I oppose transgender rights. That is incorrect, I am a liberal person, whatever you want to do with your body, however you want to dress and live your life is not something I will oppose.

But the transgender movement is very different from the gender equality movement, and in a way they contradict each other. While the gay rights movement wants to equalize gender and gender roles, the transgender movement does the exact opposite thing - it exaggerates gender roles, and it basically preaches that you have to do surgeries on your body in order to act and be what you want to be. It preaches that you have to do everything a ''woman'' does in order to feel like a ''woman'', and that in itself is extremely controversial.

So I feel like the LGBT contradict themselves when fighting both equal rights, and at the same time preaching for transgender rights. It just feels like two opposite causes, and I don't get it.

I was very fond of the organization GLAAD, before they decided to include transgender rights.

I probably sound like a total anti-transgender rights person right now, I get that.  But it's not the message I want to send, what I wanted was basically to start a debate about whether transgenderism supports or contradicts the argument of gender equality.
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All these groups are very powerful now and over here one dare not voice an opinion publically without expecting a backlash .

During the gay pride day over here they all meet up and dress up for the day and celebrate who they are , my wife and I were greeted by a group of LGBT in a bar during the festival and being friendly said ' happy gay pride day ' we were told off by an angry spokesperson for the group who said ' we don't use the term gay pride day anymore we merely say happy pride day '

You cannot win they called their parade /carnival' gay pride day 'now it's just pride day as if in some way they are ashamed of the previous tag .

The points you make are very good regarding transgenders and I agree as they do the opposite to what the others do as in embracing their sexuality .

Yes why do you have to do everything like a woman or a man does to feel like them ?

If acceptance is what they're after and their friends and family get it why do they give a fuck about broader society ?

No one is making a fuss except them , most people don't care what or who you are .

These groups are not content with the fact that society gets it and mostly accepts them they want to constantly shove it down people throats , why do they have parades for what purpose ?

Transgenderism is everywhere now as people form an orderly queue to embrace the movement , again no criticism is allowed or one is shouted down by the ' some of my best friends are transgender brigade '

The militant parts of the LGBT movement will push till they have their way regarding laws and legislation for transgenders , maybe it's about time heterosexuals took to the streets and celebrated their sexuality ?

One can imagine the backlash from the LGBT community at someone's stealing their limelight

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I understand your point and don't necessarily disagree. But I want to say is any social group which has felt marginalized or persecuted for as long as they can remember is going to wish for the day that they aren't, and when they see openings in the barrier wall of society they then try desperately to shatter the whole thing. Because, quite frankly, that opening could close up and the next time they get the opportunity could be years, or decades, or never. Out of all the letters in LGBT they're the letter least understood and least accepted. Gays and lesbians broke through their barrier enough they pretty much already know what they have to deal with and where. Transgenders don't have that advantage yet.

Dermot(5738) Clarified
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Yes what you say is fair enough but who is giving transgenders a hard time or making things bad for them ?

Over here people bend over backwards not to cause offence but the only people who seem to be making a big deal out what they are , are in fact the transgenders ,

Grenache(6057) Clarified
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A large percentage of America that voted for Trump would loudly and proudly tell transgenders there is something wrong with them and to keep their behavior behind closed doors.

shoutoutloud(4302) Clarified
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Yes, I get what you're saying, and I'm not going to stand here and deny transgender people acceptance and understanding.

I just think their cause contradicts the fight for gender equality, that's all.

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LGBT was never about equality; it was always about forcing everyone to accept the gay way of life in all its variations.

The same people who preach acceptance and tolerance will find a homophobe and spit out a bunch of hateful stereotypes like Nazi, repressed gay, abusive parent and religious extremist and then strawman the opponent by making them defend extremely crude viewpoints which are extreme forms of homophobia and may not be their individual viewpoint.