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 Why Islam makes more sense than Christianity (6)

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Why Islam makes more sense than Christianity

The central concept of Islam is Tawhid. That is, the oneness of Allah (subhana wata ala). Islam is the purest in its monotheism of any religion.
Christianity on the other hand cannot decide whether prophet Isa (Jesus) was God, God's son or both. But since the book of Genesis was it not made clear that there is no God but Yaweh/God/Allah and that none can be like unto him?
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All Abrahamic Law is horseshit. I’m of european/Nordic blood. I follow our Forest / Mother Earth Goddess. Fuck the damn Desert God

AbdullahRaya(25) Disputed
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Allah is not a desert God, he is the God of all things. Will you worship a goddess confined to the trees of a spinning rock in space or the God of the entire universe? There is no deity but the deity of all things, and his name is Allah.

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What's this?, a mischievous little provocateur doing some point farming.

Christianity is for the world's lost sheepeople looking for something to believe in.

Islam is for backward , moronic halfwits, whose heads, like Mohammads' are full of mad-dog's shit.

AbdullahRaya(25) Disputed
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Both Christianity and Islam are more logical and morally upright than one who spends their time insulting people on debate sites instead of debating.

Miocene(707) Disputed
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You work your side of the street and I'll work mine.

If you post a topic worthy of debate I'll consider responding seriously.

The fact that your head is indeed full of ''mad dog's shit'' is graphically illustrated in your inability to recognise that your embarrassingly juvenile thread risked insulting millions of Christians.