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Why Would Anybody Ever Believe Iran For Telling The Truth That They Shot Down An Airliner?

This, apparently, is the great question burning in the mind of our resident saliva frother.

Why would we ever believe somebody who tells the truth? 

Now, if you are Donald Trump, on the other hand, who lied over 8,000 times in his first two years of office, he will believe you with unwavering certainty.

But dare tell a truth which hurts you politically and he WILL NEVER BELIEVE YOU!! IGNORE!!!!! DECEPTION SPEWING FOOL. 

Yada yada yada. Until the nurses come and give him his usual nighttime sedative.


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Deny Everything

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Look guys, Nom made a grammar error.

I can't fix it either, otherwise the web code will try to reduce the length of my title.

See if you can spot what it is for a special doggy treat.

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