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Why are Americans so god fearing?

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Putting the topic of discussion aside for a moment... I think that the map is somewhat misleading. Look at the breakpoints for the different colors.

36.9% and down are the lightest color.

37-43.9% are the next lightest

44-50.9% are the middle one

51-54.9% are darker

55% and up are the darkest.

These strike me as very odd, for a number of reasons.

"36.9% and down" and "55% and up" seem to me to be rather specifically chosen breakpoints to me, which suggests that this chart is intentionally trying to massage numbers to say something.

Add in the fact that the remaining three ranges are unequal (6% twice, 3.9% once) also seems rather intentional, and suggestive of the same.

I wonder what the map would look like if they did the whole range from 0-100%, in 10 ranges of 10% or 20 ranges of 5%?

There is certainly a huge difference between 5% and 36%, and they would both be the same color here. Same thing for 55% and 95%. I'm not sure what angle the person who created this was going for, but the odd selections in this chart strongly suggest that there is manipulation towards an agenda going on here. I would further speculate, based on the notes re: the creator, that they are specifically trying to downplay how rare christians are in some places by making the bottom bracket include everything from more than 1 in 3 down, and is similarly trying to overstate how common they are in other areas by making the top bracket include 55% and up, giving the impression of more christians than there really are- even though the same graph exact graph and numbers could be spun the opposite way.

Thank your for pointing that out, even though the picture didn't really prove or disprove anything that was relevant to this debate, it's good to spot bullshit and call it as is.

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Have you ever read "How To Lie With Maps"?

thousandin1(1931) Clarified
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I have not but the name alone has put it on my to-read list, thank you!

Inb4 "America was founded on Christian principles!"

Anyways, it is probably because the majority of the immigrants that first came to this country either started out as Christians (Europeans) or were rather forcefully converted to Christianity (Africans).

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"Transference of fear and self-loathing to an authoritarian vessel. It’s catharsis. He absorbs their dread with his narrative. Because of this, he’s effective in proportion to the amount of certainty he can project. Certain linguistic anthropologists think that religion is a language virus that rewrites pathways in the brain. Dulls critical thinking." - Rust Cohle (Fictional character, I am aware; but summarizes my sentiment rather nicely so why not quote him.)

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Americans fear nothing! America walks, spits, and bullies on whatever it faces. That's why everybody loves us Americans....IN AMERICA!!

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Why are Liberal Americans such God haters? The answer is simple, they have all the answers don't you know? They are the superior arrogant elete that will force you to bow to their political correct dogma.

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They aren't. Most Liberals are Christians, as you have been told time and time again. Even those who are theists are not "god haters". One can not hate that which they do not believe in.

"They are the superior arrogant elete that will force you to bow to their political correct dogma." You are the one going around telling people who they think, how they feel, how they vote, and insulting anyone with differing opinions. That would make that statement of yours projection.

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It's spelt elite not elete. I may not know it all, but I know two things:

1. That anyone who lets morales and ethics laid out by an ancient cult effect their political view in a modernized country should refrain from voting.

2. I have better spelling than you.

Cuaroc(8827) Disputed
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ah yes because Christians just hate god. Good job of showing republican stupidity at its finest!

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It's very hard to hate something entirely make-believe, but we make the personal investment for the sake of Senpai Marx.