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 Why are Criminal rates on Blacks higher than any other race? (13)

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Why are Criminal rates on Blacks higher than any other race?

In the US

Ok 53% or so of the US population is White

Around 18% is black.

Nigroes commit over 80% of US crimes a year!  Why is this?

Whites are the majority shouldn't they be the biggest percentage?

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No incentive among majority of black youth, mostly by their parents who are still re-living the days of Civil Rights Movements. I believe that MLK was one of the greatest Americans in the history of our country, but that he would definitely be ashamed of what has become of the Civil Rights Leadership. Using the usual "it's because I'm black" is just not working anymore.

There are many african-americans who have worked hard in their lives, got education and are very succesfull in both family life and work. Those who have decided to do the opposite usually call these successful african-americans sellouts. Jealousy perhaps?

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i think it is because the whites are occupying most of the good positions in american society, while the blacks are not allowed to get into certain opportunities. i truly believe that the whites have set up a situation where blacks will fall into a trap. whites are also the people who are making the laws.

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Yes but blacks don't do anything about it they just say "Oh, poor me, what am I to do?"

And they blame everything on everyone else they accept no responsiblility for their actions.

As I have said in the past post on here is that any black person can become VERY successfull look into:

Jerry Clark

Fredrick Douglas

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