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 Why are all political leaders such lying fuck bags? (2)

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Why are all political leaders such lying fuck bags?

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Why are all political leaders such lying fuck bags?

Because in capitalism, power does not lie in politics but in economics. The most powerful economic forces (i.e. the ruling class) are able to manipulate the political system to get what they want, and what they want is for absolutely nothing to ever change. With the exception of tax cuts for themselves they want everything to remain exactly how it is because that is the situation in which they are powerful and everybody else is not.

It isn't foolproof however. Occasionally, genuine politicians make it through because large sections of the population are becoming politically literate. People like Bernie Sanders in the States and Jeremy Corbyn in Britain represent real potential for change. But obviously the ruling class does not want this and hence uses its full resources to slander, demean and undermine these very real threats to its power.

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Political leaders either follow or resist THEE political leader in charge. If S/HE/IT is a LYING FUCK BAG, they become one too. The current situation shows that to be true. :-(