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 Why are humans not evolving to the next level? (18)

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Why are humans not evolving to the next level?


This was suppossed to be the dawning of the Age of Aquarious.

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I have no idea what that means but it sounded good at 5:00 Am ;)

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Evolution in very complicated species takes an extraordinarily long period of time!

I feel that humans are evolving but not in the obvious sense that we usually think of. Humans are probably evolving mentally. We are bombarded everyday with information and technology that we were probably not meant to comprhend. I feel we are slowly evolvong to be able to deal witht he ever evolving and advancing technology and information we are flooded with on a daily basis. I also feel that humans will evolve to be able to more suitably survive our self polluted environment.

I'm training myself by eating junk food ;)

It takes thousands to hundreds of thousands of years to evolve.

Darn! I was hoping I could join the ranks of the X-Men ;)

That be awesome. X-Men First Class.-----------------------------

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Ever wonder why if it's an evolutionary process why only humans get super-powers? Imagine if your cat could shoot laser beams out of it's eyes! Or if ants could set you on fire with just their mind.

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damn joe u took the words right of my keybord i was just about to type that like i was hoping one day i would wake up and be able to grow wings or at least pass my spanish class like if i could evolve to a portirican that would be awsome

We are evolving to the next level. Perhaps you have not noticed, but our technology has been exponentially increasing in complexity over the centuries since the Industrial Revolution.


Technology is a natural adaptation of intelligent creatures to evolve even quicker then what their DNA allows them to biologically. In a way, therefore, we are evolving to the next level at an exponential rate because of our technology.

I wouldn't be surprised if everyone able to stay alive for the next 50 years will end up: living forever, seeing the achievement world peace, seeing the achievement of interplanetary colonization, seeing the achievement of socioeconomic perfection, seeing the achievement of interstellar travel/colonization, witnessing first contact with an extra-terrestrial intelligence beyond our super-intelligent AI, seeing the achievement of assimilation into the interstellar community, seeing the achievement of interstellar peace, etc.

It all sounds a bit crazy, but the problem is that an exponential rate is... exponential. Unless a catastrophe wipes us out and makes us start over from scratch in a Stone or Iron Age, I can easily see our technology putting us at the next level of evolution within this century. Goddamn it, if any of us can live another 50 years, we may not have to worry about death our medicine might be so much more exponentially advanced then it is right now.

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Well..., that sucks! I went to a web site and took a survey and they told me that I can expect to live no more than 23 more years.

However, given human track record and past history, I doubt we'll make it past 20 years. Which means that I should be around when they start to roll the credits ;-)

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If evolving means evolution, it is likely because enough time has not elapsed. If evolving means becoming better, I suspect it is because our society(ies) are changing the value system by which we evolve into a better society...look at how much has changed between the Egyptians, Romans, British and USA...and it is all starting to slide backward. Interesting to contemplate...even at 5:00am.

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Maybe if we change the definition of "evolving" we may be able to claim progress ;)

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I agree that society is sliding backwards. This is do to society attempting to save everyone, the dumb ass breeds dumb asses.

I heard a comedian discuss this very issue and suggested we turn lions loose in populated cities to weed out the stupid. It works very simply; if one is smart enough to avoid being eaten, they live. Stupid people get eaten and society improves. One cannot evolve into something better when no one is left behind. No one allowed to run and the lion gets the stupid and the intelligent. Survival of the fittest doesn't happen when everyone is carrying a cannon ball and attempting to elude the lion.

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Evolution is not a predefined chain of events. The environment simply sets the conditions for certain traits to win while other traits lose. It's not like pokemon where you "level up" after getting "experience points" :P

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That's exactly what I want...., I want to level up ;-)

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