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 Why are people rioting in Baltamore? (19)

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Why are people rioting in Baltamore?

Have the police killed yet another unarmed person?

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This is a question and CD is a debating site.

A Debate requires at least two opposing points of view unless it is a discussion.

If you are proposing a discussion may I suggest you do some research before entering a subject and then suggest you propose an agenda for open discussion.

This event has been broadly reported around the globe including where I live in Australia so you can quite easily answer the question yourself.

While you are at it do some research on the 1968 Baltimore riot to give you some perspective on what is happening today.

daver(1771) Disputed
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Have you missed the choices offered when entering a new debate

Perspective Debates are open questions where positions are tracked by tags.

The debate title should be framed as a non-biased, open-ended question.

People will submit arguments to defend their position. The strongest arguments will be voted up to the top.

Arguments are nested and you can pivot by tags to narrow the field of arguments.

Points are tracked by argument tags!

This a perfect perspectives debate question, for which you seen to have no answer. It is more appropriate then, that you offer an opinion rather than an attack.

Cartman(18192) Disputed
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Based on the debate description it isn't an open ended question. She really is just asking if someone was killed by the police.

Sitar(3680) Disputed
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Yes or no: Will you answer my question? .

pirateelfdog(2655) Disputed Banned
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No. He won't. Because it's not his job. As he explained to you, the topic you raised is not appropriate for this site. If you want to know about this, do research yourself. It is not the job of people on this site to answer your every question that can be found out through less than 2 minutes on Google.

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This is a debate site not a Q&A;.

Look it up online

Watch the news on TV

Read a newspaper

You can answer this yourself just like the rest of us

Sitar(3680) Disputed
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I have the right to free speech. I will post any subject I want for debate. Don't tell me what to do,

PattyPlatano(96) Disputed Banned
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On a debate site you should post debates or else you're not respecting the website..

DKCairns(868) Disputed
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The problem with your posts they are not debates they are questions that you can easily answer yourself

This debate site as per the "About" of CD is as follows:-

A useful learning tool that will help groups of people to sort through issues, viewpoints and opinions so that consensus and understanding can be reached and better decisions can be made.

When you understand what a debate is and what debating means then your posts will have more relevance.

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Why do you hate facts?

I live just north of Baltimore.

They are rioting because they have a flimsy excuse to riot. That's all.

The protests originally were for police violence, but that cause has been lost for a long time. Unless somebody can tell me how assaulting uninvolved citizens, and looting then burning a pharmacy and assaulting the fire department when they responded can be reasonably said to be an action taken against the police, that is.

Some people protest peacefully. Others take advantage of the anonymity of a crowd and general mob mentality to do whatever the hell they want with numerous others in tow. It ceased to be a protest against the police the moment they got violent.

The people who are rioting are animals- but don't let that confuse you. Despite the size of the riot, this is only a tiny minority of Baltimore's black population, with a few non-black individuals along for the ride. This is not representative of the people of my city, even if you filter that down to a specific race.

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Stay safe. Maybe you should go out of town for a while. .

thousandin1(1931) Clarified
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I am out of town by about 15 min, though there are evidently threats much closer to home for Thursday evening. Probably just rumor, especially with NG involvement, but still.

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Try this

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The police have suspended six officers in connection with the death of a man who had been taken into custody, and subsequently died from a broken spine. This event is NOT however the cause of today's riot, but rather another excuse to lash out with foolish adolescent anger.

Absolutely NOTHING positive has been accomplished by these lawless punks, other than one more demonstration of stupidity.

Atrag(5556) Disputed
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Don't you believe that punishment dissuades crime? It is the same with this. If the police do something wrong and the people cause thousands of dollars of damage they are going to think twice before doing it again. Even if the individual officers are not aware of this at least the people that monitor these officers will be and will hopefully but things in place to prevent it happening in the future

daver(1771) Clarified
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To one extent or another YES.

What you propose as acceptable, is simply mob violence, rioting, looting and vandalism. Is this your idea of appropriate or effective social comment? If so, please consider the employees of the CVS Pharmacy that was looted. Do you suppose that they believe the looters were punishing the police ----- really?

Now consider the hundreds of families, huddled in their homes, in the area. Do you suppose that they are interested in social comment or punishment? Right at this very hour, they want/need the police to come into their streets and protect them.

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It would seem that nothing has changed or been learnt since the same response occurred when Martin Luther King was shot nearly fifty years ago and that riot lasted for over a week

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The outcome of the inquiry into the death of a Bongo whilst in police custody has not yet been completed. Until the results of that inquiry is published no one can be sure of the truth behind this tragedy and the probable existence of mitigating circumstances. In the meantime ''The Bongo'' is doing what they do best all over the world, from Africa to Northern Europe. Cause injury, riot, loot and generally wreck the community in which they live. The death of the criminal Bongo has little to do with the rioting but everything to do with the Bongo's congenital characteristic of violence and destruction. They blame the white man for their inability to compete in the competitive world of commerce and business and their resentment manifests itself in mindless rioting and destruction. Bongos should be corralled separately into strictly defined zones and kept well away from the rest of society, as was the case a few decades ago. Sooner or later the starry eyed, Don Quixote type politicians with their fanciful notions of a ''Great Big Melting Pot'' will come to recognise that only painters can successfully mix black and white. How my image of Baltimore has changed from my Primary school days when I learned the song 'Lil Liza Jane''. The Bongo brings everything down to the his level, ''the gutter.

TheAshman(2299) Disputed
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You truly are a moron