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Why are you on CreateDebate?

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I came to CreateDebate so I can spread pearls of wisdom throughout the land.

Thank you.

And, if I may say so, you're doing an excellent job as the voice of reason and sanity.

Thank you. Great minds think alike.



For entertainment and also to share my experience strength and hope of how God lives us and can Save us as he did me. And to let some of the non believers or agnostics here know that all of us Christians are not intolerant angry zealots like Aintnow and sadman. Rather, some is us will tell you that God is all inclusive. Ask and He will come barging into your life. And know too that He finds those fire and brimstone yapping lap dogs as comical as do we.

God Bless!!

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I think it's fun to fuck with the Religious nuts.

I originally came here to talk science and primarily Biology. But I quickly found this forum to be bereft of any science geeks like me. I did a couple "Ask a Biologist" threads, but they garnered know minimal interest. All we get here are arguments in Creation v Evolution. And that has been done so often it has long past it's best by date. I now find those arguments tedious. Boring. Useless. Since with all the mountains of evidence,,,proof, really,,,of Evolution available now, if somebody is still a Creationist then I am a feared they are simply hopeless. Too far gone. LOL.

It's like arguing, spherical v flat earth. Truly, thus is not an exaggeration. The debate is that lopsided.

I still never met a Creationist who understands Evolution. Most if them are very ignorant if it's primary tenets and machinations.

So anyway, I have science forns for that now, and cone here for fun. And to brush up in my typing and debate skills a bit. I also like to debate politics once in awhile. I wish there were more sports fans. Thats another thing thus place has none of. In fact, I have never been on a forum so devoid of sportsfans! Why? It's very strange, really.

So yeah man, mostly for grins here. A break from my studies. There are only about ten cats here who are decent or good debaters, however. I consider myself in anybody's Top Five, to be sure.

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I did a couple "Ask a Biologist" threads, but they garnered know minimal interest.

Could you recommend some good biology forums with active members? I am interested in Biology and wish I pursued it further when I was a kid. You're very knowledgeable and I respect you for that. Too bad there aren't more scientists like you here.

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I think this place in the link below might be the best pure science forum on the net. And they also have religion and ethics forums. You don't see the juvenile behavior or the flame wars like you do here. Their are a LOT of scientists who participate.

I often just watch other people argue for entertainment and the possibility of learning something new. I like seeing other people's perspectives even if they are stupid. If they're stupid, I'm not interested for long, but if they are insightful or intelligent, I will likely look at other posts they made. As for my posts, I don't even know why I bother sometimes. I guess I like being right.

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But if here for more than twenty minutes and can't spot the stupid guy, guess what?

You're the stupid guy!

Just saying.

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Entertainment. Casual hobby. Sometimes with the added bonus of an actually interesting discussion.

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In order to learn different perspectives, and have my perspectives attacked. For example, if I think the world is flat, I want others to tell me its round and why... or why it isnt flat, or why it is...

Jace(5211) Disputed
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It is neither flat nor round.

Ignoramis(381) Clarified
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I know it is an ovoid. I'm just trying to make a point concerning what I want from this site.

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People watching and thought planting. If their are people around then that's what I'm doing.

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I already told you on a near identical debate to this about a month ago...

I was passing by and I saw a sign that said "GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS )0(" and a guy outside said "Hey, kid, go on in, you've gotta see this."

Also because I like to discuss almost anything with almost anyone. Many years ago I did compete in academic debate and these talks are a little nostalgic for me.

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I am here to talk to people.....................................................................

Demon_Hunter(635) Clarified
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Why do you piss so many people off I wonder?

Also, are you a lesbian like they say?

Also, does your avatar mean you point to the Left?

Sitar(3680) Clarified
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I respect people who respect me......................................................

Sitar(3680) Clarified
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I am not a lesbian, I am a bisexual. :) .

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Some debate that I normally can't have irl. And learning.