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 Why did 95% of blacks vote for Barack Obama in 2008? (11)

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Why did 95% of blacks vote for Barack Obama in 2008?

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Because he is black, and he promised hope and change, which knows w hat that means except more government.

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For the Obama-bucks...

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Well he was the first ever black president that was being elected as president and most of the people thought he was there "messiah"

For the same reason that the majority of Catholics voted for JFK in 1960.

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Because they could vote? And Obama was a better candidate than Bush?

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Obama did run against Bush, that would be McCain. Bush was 2004.

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Sorry, I didn;'t know which one was which and I didn't bother researching it.

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Oh, look at you. Fighting my absolutely ridiculous racism with your blatant logic.

Don't be a retard. Don't act like you're above all of this. 95% of the black population in the U.S. voted for Barack Obama because:

1.) He was black

2.) He was pro-entitlement

Axmeister(4320) Disputed
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Well clearly there is a problem in American society that ought to be fixed. Maybe you should educate everyone to vote for white people.