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 Why did God create the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? (31)

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Why did God create the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?

Why create the tree only to tell people who did not know good from bad not to eat from it?

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Good question. And if we didn't know good from evil before eating from this tree, how could we have known it was wrong to eat from the tree? It sounds like we were setup for failure from the beginning.

The cake is a lie. Good and bad are man made concepts that are open to interpretation ;)

LeRoyJames(372) Clarified
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Spoken like a true atheist.

The reason is not specified in the Bible. The point of the Bible to is to show the relationship between man and God. If man had no reason to know about this tree besides we weren't supposed to eat of it, then their's no reason for us to know besides that. Natural man has a sense of entitlement but in the Bible we are subordinate to creator God.

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It's a fine line, and a little open to interpretation, but certainly there are multiple levels of knowledge of good and evil. It may be that God created Adam and Eve with a sense of obedience, but not any higher understanding of good and evil. In which case, God could reasonably expect us to obey his rule about not eating from the tree.

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That is what I always thought. Adam and Eve knew right from wrong. They knew how to obey commands.

trumpet_guy(502) Clarified
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Their are mutiple interpretations as you said. I fully believe that Adam and Eve knew what physical death was and in turn knew the consequences for that side of it, they just chose to disobey God. I believe the tree of the knowledge of good and evil had many names like how many things in the bible. We only know one because that is what it made us human have: knowledge of what it feels to do evil.

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Some theologians, along with myself, believe that the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was a tree that did not inherently possess the power to make one knowledgable about sin. Instead, the tree was the command of God to not eat of it, so that if one were to eat of it, then he would become knowledgeable of good and evil (i.e. fully understanding and experiencing it through his own sin). This would coincide with the aspect of Adam and Eve already having discerned that it was bad to eat of the tree. It would also coincide with Eve not being knowledgable of her sin until after Adam had eaten of it too.

atypican(4874) Disputed
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It's funny to watch how far some theologians are willing to stretch crappy metaphors in an attempt to justify their insistence that their favorite collection of ancient scriptures (bible) is flawless.

Example: the tree was the command of God to not eat of it

lolzors93(3225) Disputed
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How is this a metaphor? This argument is coming from a historical perspective of Genesis.

To cause the fall of man. He must have intended it to happen if he is omniscient and omnipotent and made the tree. He knew what would happen if he made it, he had the choice to not make it, he had the power to stop the event (by destroying the tree or moving it where adam and eve wouldn't find it, ect) but didn't, but he did what he did (hypothetically) so he must have intended for it to happen

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Well, look at how the world works...balance. If there was no balance then everythign would fall apart. Example: if there was an absence of consequnce to any illegal act, then illegal acts would prevail. If there was an absence of consequnce to any excessive act, then excessive acts would prevail. Everything needs balance in order to have long term viability.

God already knew when He created Adam and Eve what the outcome was going to be.

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How could you know good from bad if you didn't have knowledge?

You would have to eat the fruit to find out. waaaah

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He got bored !

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I'm going to throw in a theory I've read before and it's going to sound crazy...

Adam and Eve were the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The serpent crawling up the tree is supposed to be symbolic of the addition of the spine to the human body. The serpent is also a representation of Lucifer, who corrupted the vegetative state that the World was supposed to remain in. However, Lucifer isn't Satan. Lucifer is the son of Venus. "How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!", that's from Isaiah 14:12 in the Bible. When it says "son of the morning", it's referring to the morning star aka Venus. Satan, on the other hand, is Saturn.

The World's first cycle, the mineral cycle, was by Saturn/Satan. The second was the vegetative cycle, where the Garden of Eden was introduced, which was by the Sun. The third was the animal cycle, which was by the Moon, which was put in a particular position as to reflect the Sun's rays and better protect the World from Venus, Lucifer and Saturn/Satan. The Moon is apparently a goddess. In recognition of these first three cycles, the first days of the week were named after them... Saturn-Day(Saturday), Sun-Day(Sunday) and Moon-Day(Monday).

The original Bible was written in Hebrew. In Hebrew, God was referred to as Elohim, which is plural... in other word, Gods. So the Bible was originally suggesting that Earth was made by multiple Gods, not just one.

That's another way of looking at it. It's apparently the beliefs of many past historical figures and secret societies and according to them, that is what the Bible is really saying, as well as many other religions.

JustIgnoreMe(4334) Clarified
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You're right, that does sound pretty crazy :)

But, when I created this debate I knew that there was not a possibility of a logical answer - actually I thought it would be ignored completely.

So far Adam and Eve are basically dogs knowing only obedience, the tree is god's command itself, and now Adam and Eve are trees too (,and joe said something about a cake...) - consider me entertained beyond expectation.

PS - were they the trees god made before sunlight existed or trees after sunlight?

GuitarGuy(6096) Clarified
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Personally, I'm an Agnostic... so these aren't my beliefs, but part of me believes that this is what the Bible was trying to say. If you take away the names, most religions are saying the same thing. In Ancient Greece, Venus was referred to as Lucifer. That was actually before both Old and New Testament. Modern Christians believe Lucifer (which means "light-bearer" in Latin) to be Satan, however like I pointed out, Lucifer was referred to as the son of the "morning star" in the Bible. Guess who else was referred to as the son of the "morning star"? Jesus Christ. Revelations 22:16 "I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star."

So, it sounds a lot like Jesus was either a brother to Lucifer or he is Lucifer.

I didn't make this stuff up. These are the beliefs of many people, one group in particular is the Free Masons. Like I pointed out before, there are apparently multiple Gods. Supposedly there are seven... at least those are the big ones. Throughout time, these Gods were represented together through many ways... one being a crown. An example would be the Statue of Liberty's crown. Seven spikes to represent the seven Gods or possibly the seven Sun spirits. Seven days of the week, also may be to represent the seven Gods... at least three of them are.

Anyways, I just wanted to fill in some more of the theory.

PS - were they the trees god made before sunlight existed or trees after sunlight?

Apparently it was after. Vegetation came with the Sun, who was the God responsible for the second cycle. Saturn/Satan was responsible for the first. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, etc. This is why whenever you hear about the Illuminati and Free Masons being Satan worshippers, they kind of are. One of the rules of becoming a Free Mason is that you must believe in the Gods and you can worship them when and however you please. A lot of them go about worshipping Saturn aka Satan.