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A kamala Cookie, yuk. Free sick bags all around.
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Ahoghill(1452) pic

Why did Kamala Harris think that people could stomach eating her face?

Kamala handed out cookies made in her likeness to press reporters.
This act of sickening narcissism in the middle of a deadly pandemic and a border crisis can only be described as unbelievable.

A kamala Cookie, yuk.

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Free sick bags all around.

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Is anyone's imagination sufficiently capable of envisaging the outcry from the left wing media had Donald Trump made a similar act of vain egotism.

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Mint_tea(4641) Disputed
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Hmmm yes, I can see where you are getting the comparison. Kamala handed out cookies with her face on it, Trump wanted to pose in front of a church holding a bible so he had peaceful protestors tear gassed. Yup, totally the same.

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Ahoghill(1452) Disputed
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HoldingThe Holy Bible has nothing to do with egotism.

The boarded up windows and battered walls of St. John's Parish Church bear witness to the peaceful nature of the protesters whose watches must have all been miraculously running slow simultaneously as the shrieking, menacing mob managed to miss the 19.00 hours curfew deadline.

Had the baying mob of thugs not been dispersed they would have set upon Trump with catastrophic results.

Should Trump have used the Bible to advance his political cause?;- NO.

Should Americans face up to the fact that this Biden-Harris administration is the biggest disaster in American history?;- YES.

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DrChamberlin(145) Clarified
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You do realize that regurgitating such a lie, only works as a detriment to yourself and no one else, correct?

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When we look at the antics of Joe and kamala we must ask ourselves,


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