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 Why do Christians deny the contradictions with God? (73)

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Why do Christians deny the contradictions with God?

There are some contradiction with the personality of God, or should I say characteristics. Things like total omniscience or absolute omnipotence or simple omnibenevolence. Why do Christians just deny the logic when clearly proven to be incorrect? Is it loyalty? Fear of Hell? I would love to know.

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There are no contradictions in the Bible.

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There are contradictions with God. Nowhere in my description did I mention the bible.

lolzors93(3225) Disputed
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There are no contradictions with God. And, also, the Christian God is described in the Bible, which means that if God's characteristics had a contradiction, then it would be in the Bible, since His characteristics are in the Bible.

Intangible(4933) Disputed
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Of course there are no contradictions in the bible when only considering the bible.

The contradictions are brought out when reality comes into the equation.

lolzors93(3225) Disputed
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There are no contradictions with the Bible and reality.

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Because its much easier and more comfortable to create excuses for everything than actually think about something .

Intangible(4933) Clarified
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But it's funner to think about it :)

In an absolute applicable sense many Atheists fail to equate God with an actual contradiction and simply state nonsense. Yet to them they believe it is a contradiction. One must attack the logical characteristics of God himself or primarily his actions committed thus far. Many arguments I have seen equate God with nonsense. In order to completely quell a Christian believer an Atheists must attack the logical implications that the Bible gives and what follows God's intrinsic order. That way the logic is undeniable. I rarely see Atheists successfully pulling this off.

Intangible(4933) Clarified
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Even some of the Atheist's brains might not be capable of seeing inconsistencies and connecting the dots.

Most Atheist I see only speak with Arrogance and ignorance...

AveSatanas(4430) Disputed
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Seeing a passage where God says "I dwell in Zion" and then another where God says "I dwelleth in Heaven" and noticing a glaring problem with the two is "stating nonsense?".

In order to completely quell a Christian believer an Atheists must attack the logical implications that the Bible gives and what follows God's intrinsic order

No we actually dont have to do anything seeing as Christians are the ones with the burden of proof and were the default position. We can just sit back and let you prove to us theres a god which never seems to happen.

And im also failing to see why equating god with nonsense isnt a valid argument. For example: God instead of just forgiving mankind, must send down his son who is also himself and impregnate a virgin who then gives birth to him/son who then goes around doing magic tricks until the Romans capture and kill him as a sacrifice to himself and then he rises from the dead 3 days later and flies back up to be with himself/dad for eternity.

Yeah that seems like a brilliant and simplistic plan with no other possible alternative. I think its totally a valid argument to look at this scenario and call bullshit on it 1) because it has absolutely no proof for it occuring and 2) because an omnipotent omniscient omnibenevolent creator of the whole universe should be smart enough to think up a better plan then this one.

It isnt a contradiction of any kind. But its a valid argument

Cartman(18191) Disputed
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What logical problems do you see that haven't been pointed out oh wise one?

I'm not a christian, but for some it may be fear.

For a lot of them it's because they think it should just be that way and anybody that tries to say that their way is wrong will be completely denied. Even when given evidence. Simply because it goes against their subjective moral beliefs.

It's apart of them. Trying to tell them it's not right is like taking a knife and trying to kill them. They are going to do everything in their power to resist.

For others its objective. They see the many other people who do it so they just follow along even if they don't understand why other people are doing it. They don't stop to ask questions because it's not in their nature to do so. They are not capable of seeing inconsistencies which is why they don't stop to ask any questions.

Well this my psychoanalysis soooo...if anyone knows anything about psychology....

Intangible(4933) Clarified
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Their brains are incapable of the level of comprehension required.....

It is as simple as that...

trumpet_guy(502) Clarified
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Give the apparent contradictions, then let's talk about Christians comprehension levels

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For some it's the fact they don't want what they've believed for most of there lives to proven wrong. But of course not all Christians think this.

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Because they're... Christians? I think that pretty much explains it.

That is an ignorant answer. I want a legitimate answer to this question. What makes a Christian deny logic? Fear of God, Hell, what? Loyalty?

Warlin(1212) Clarified
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I am kind of an ignorant person. But legit. You sign up for a religion like Christianity, you just don't question god. You. You just don't do it. There's no further logic than that.

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People usually try to be consistent with what they believe, especially if they have defended their beliefs from criticism. A Christian has invested so much time and so many words to their faith in God. Their faith has become a deep rooted "part" of them, so naturally they want to protect it.

Things like total omniscience or absolute omnipotence or simple omnibenevolence

I don't think it is contradiction, rather, we just don't know everything about God. Personally I think he has the power to have complete control, but chooses not to use it all the time so that we can make our own choices.

It's literally sin. God is word of law, God is perfect, God is good all that jazz. Anything against him is blasphemy, which is said to be the one sin he does not forgive.

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Actually only the Christians who want to deny God deny contradictions! If God wanted us to consider him/her perfect, they would have allowed us to grow in a sterile, safe and protected environment. But, this is not the case. So God must want us to go through these challenes.