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 Why do girls like "bad boys" (11)

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Why do girls like "bad boys"

I have always heard the "Girl like bad boys" cliche growing up, but I did not put too much stock in it til my junior year of college. I see nice guys struggling to make connections, while other guys act like, for lack of a better word, douche-bags and they somehow receive a stronger positive response. 
Why do you think this is a thing?
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One possible reason why I think this may be a thing is that the "bad boys" are more likely to tell a girl that they are interested since they don't care as much about how she may respond.

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B I N G O !

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Simply put, it is in their DNA.

Evolutionary psychology explains it all.

Ya see, back in our hunter-gatherer days on the African Savannah, say, going back around 100,000 years ago during the time of homo habilis, it was the Alpha Males who were the leaders of the pack. The original bad boys, who would hunt and kill and even murder any other male competition they had among the tribe who dared rival them for the ardor of the females.

So, today's females still carry those genetics in their brain cells. This is why most women find bad boys irresistible no matter how hard they try not to. Oh, they will usually settle and marry for a nicer, meeker, more supporting man. Or one who makes more money. But when they fantasize--and ALL women do, it is the Bad Boy type, one that they know, whom they are fantasizing about. And NOT some nice guy.

Affairs most married women have are also with a Bad Boy. Then they go back to "safe" and controllable hubby. Ergo, getting to have their cake and eat it too.

Most women will deny all of this, of course. This as well is in their DNA.

Evolutionary psychology also explains why men tend to be less satisfied with only one woman, since back in the day it was crucial to spread their seed so as to insure the survival and continuance of the species.

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In the words of Harvest Moon SNES 1997, "Female psychology is complicated".

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Bad Boys have bigger pants. If you catch my drift.

SlapShot(2608) Disputed
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Hmmm...this is untrue. Or, to be more specific, this paradigm may indeed by accurate in some cases, but mot all. It is certainly not a steadfast physiological relation.

Ya see, what makes a man a Bad Boy is his emotional and psychological make-up. And of course penis size is purely physical, and thus not om correlation to one's mental aspects. "bigger pants" you could have meant that they are fatter than Good Boys.Again, this may be true sometimes but not always and there is no certain correlation.

Or as Jace would say, no co morbidity.


ProLogos(2794) Disputed
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Umm no... That's not what I meant. Bigger pants as in pants size and you don't need to be fat to wear a bigger pants size

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Maybe for the same reason that boys like bad women and good booze.

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Not all girls like bad boys, the ones who do have just as little rationality to their liking as the ones who like good ones.

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Im 12 and i love arguing so i think the reason that girls like bad boys is because they figure that they get more respect.Also they are not afraid to tell you whats what.Finally they treat their girlfriends or wives with a stronger relationship bond.

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TBH i don't like bad boys i like boys that are not rude nice and are not jerks so that they can be couple for a long time and don't get hurt when they break up