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 Why do more left wingers live with their mommy and not have jobs? (4)

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Why do more left wingers live with their mommy and not have jobs?

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I will answer you since Leftists never do. The answer shows them for what they are.

Leftists are Socialists and have a goal of making Millennials feel they need Government or Mommy to support them from cradle to grave.

Before these so called progressives came along, men were men and felt like losers if they could not support themselves without mommy's help.

Today's new Progressive man has lost all masculinity and pride, and has no problem being a home maker while his wife or mommy supports him.

Even though women were meant to breast feed an nurture their children, Progressives and Feminists have denied Science and nature. They say women and men are the same, with no need for Gender roles as Biology teaches.

Even nature itself shows the natural roles of male and female, but the Left has climbed in bed with this feminist insecurity.

So to answer your question, Left wingers are not quite sure who they are. Male? Female? Transgender? They are blurring the lines between men and women.

No one can be that dysfunctional, so I actually believe it is a war between man and God. The Left wants Government to be your God, and for you to ignore common sense Biology.

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Nothing wrong with being close to mum. But apparently for you right wingers, it's hard because of your misogyny.

PowerForce(50) Disputed
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How did this go from being about fat losers who live with their mommy to being about not having a relationship with your mom because you're a mysoginist?

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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As always, Leftists can't answer a question. Insults is all they have....................

Chinaman(2937) Clarified
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Did Mum pass on the Socialist DNA you have or was it your Daddy.