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 Why do people deny the evidence for evolution? (82)

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Why do people deny the evidence for evolution?

There is a massive amount of evidence for evolution. So why do so many people deny it all?
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Your science should have an answer. A tangible duplicatable answer. Its science.

Dont start with a living thing. Thats starting after the fact.

In the beginning, how was it formed without destroying itself. And how did it progress and how did nature balance while the process continued and how did the first animals present themselves.

So far all I have is a story of living things after living things existed. No one explained anything other than we have a dna for eyes so some creatures got eyes.

That doesnt answer my question.

I think you cant answer. And, You dont actually know. Lol ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ™ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

So far, not one evolution advocate on this site has proven evolution has validity at its foundation.

Are you willing to explain the steps of the beginning?

I was looking for something more concrete.

If evolution explain the beginning.

If you think something different then please explain your view or "facts" of the beginning of life.

I am looking for your facts of origin of life.

With all the biology i want to know the beginning of life from your view.I dont need an argument against God. I need a firm reason to think evolution has a valid logical possible beginning.

Please enrich us with profound beginning of the all powerful intelligent process of evolution. The foundation of life and the process from the beginning.Im not looking for could have. Im looking for someething sure.

Evolution seems sure. Yet they cant explain the basic beginning, the foundation.

Please be clear. Is evolution faith or fact. A logical and biologocally possible beginning will tell us that. I want to know the beginning process of life. So explain the foundation. In the beginning .... then life ...

How did it form? How did it sheild itself to continue. And how did the first formed animals begin? And also how nature was banced in the process.

Please no links. Give me the technical basics of the beginning of life and the delicate balancing of it as evolution continued.

Im speaking of life. Living things! So you can start with whatever you think happened, but I am looking for the process of llife from the beginning!

Atrag(5556) Disputed
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Why do we have to be able to explain the beginning of life? There is evidence for evolution despite the fact that we do not know how life started. I don't believe Darwin even attempted to answer the question of how life first started but that doesn't make his work wrong.

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So you shouldn't try to answer any questions unless you have every answer already?

KNHav(1957) Disputed
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Duh if you dont have the answer than you admit it. And give answers that are facts! Academia, science, history FACTS

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Feel free to answer anyone, and any scientists would be great.

Shouldn't we easily see many many adaptable changes following the process backwards in all these animals, they have only adapted slightly over 6000 years.

Humans have a variety of characteristics compared to each other. Is there any animal species that have such a variety?

Every lion I see at the zoo looks like the same lion. Every polar bear looks like the same polar bear. But humans are nothing but variety!

Other than some resemblances, like shape of face or color of eyes or hair, and the frequent long lost twin that happens to really look like someone we know, we all look as different from each other as our names and personalities.

Take our shape of face. How many different shaped faces do we have in humans. What other species in all the animal kingdom has such a variety in the shape of their faces?

So if evolution exists, where are the other species that have such unique characteristics from each other?

I don't mean like a dove compared to an eagle.

I mean like twenty doves, do they each look as different from each other as twenty random people look like each other?

Shouldn't we see like evidence every 1000 years or so in line upon line progress to more accumulative significant change we can idenrify each at similar rates from all those adaptations and mutations?

I understand that biology is fact.

And I understand that observable adaptation is fact.

The part that is not fact is 10000, or 1000, or 100 adaptations occurred to form the animal or human we see.

So work it backwards. You should actually be able to work it backwards and see the slight adaptation descending in time.

So why does evilution work from where they can see less and have to rely on guessing and imagination while moving forward from the least observable?

Scientists should be able to do that with 100% of living things in existence today.

So chop chop hurry up, science needs to get busy!! We need evidence of the nothing god of evolution.

So whats the progress then backward from todays human? What was the slight environmental physical changes can be observed?

I know many got taller, except me. But idk, is there anything else? If so what else?

And if this was a constant process, then was there a finished button or can you show me 100% of adaptations that are cosidered evolution adaptations for every 1000 years of the lion, the sheep, camel, donkey, dove, eagle, etc?

Each should have several adaptations each going backwards!

Adaptations are subtle. For the theory of evolution to be true, it would have to make adaptations in jumps.

As Darwin said, nature does not jump.

Atrag(5556) Disputed
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When you first joined this site, you believed in evolution. Why did you decide to change your character? It was a feature that differentiated you from the other trolls.

KNHav(1957) Disputed
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I dont doubt that Satan manipulated living things. We also dont know how long Adam was in the garden.

We do know that Satan and the fallen angels did cross seed and caused beastly results.

I do think that adaptations occur but they are not what evolution is said to be. Adaptation is the convenient argument in defense of failed science.

I never believed creatures hatched different creatures. Except for mutations of Satan. He is a shapeshifting serpent. He transforms mutates and even can appear as an angel of light.

So I decided the argument was in the definition. And when you clearly define it, then everyone backs off the origin they insist is out of nothing. After all, no one wants to look that foolish.



KNHav(1957) Disputed
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No I said it was inconsequential on how.

And He recently showed me how, in a dim light way.

We walk following Him, and God illumates our path as we follow.

A false prophet isnt really in the interpreting of scripture of prophesy. We study in hunger, and God fills us.

The foundation is Him, if you build on Him the foundation, He builds His church on that rock. He is the rock of our salvation.

Know Him, and He will show you great things.

Its in knowing when light is shining and following after understanding, not chasing knowledge.

God answers the unknown questions, in His time.

He said the Spirit will LEAD us into all truth.

He came into darkness to lead us from out of darkness out to light. Revelation is both line upon line, but it also connects like a ball of yarn. When you unroll it its all one very long string.

Leading us into Truth is progressive brightening light to light. Not at our pace, but at His pace as He leads. Thats why you have to drink the water out of your own hand.

The simplicity of the Gospel is the seed of new life He plants in us, and that is Jesus through the cross. As new born babes we drink milk thats a given, or we die from starvation. But there is meat also, and thats when He shows us even more.

We prophesy in part but then we will fully know.

The first step is break up the hard ground and take in His seed. Then He waters it to grow.

If we follow to slow we can get lost, and if we run ahead we can get lost. His rod and His staff lead us like a shepherd with his sheep.

Prophesy us not a crystal ball, it is prewritten and spoken intobexistence, and God raised up men to dictate what had been already spoken, and His Spirit reveals all things atvthe appointed time to be revealed.

Somethings, actually many things He is revealing today are todays manna. And He is pouring it out in double portions.

Each day has its own manna, on the 6th day its double portions.

KeepSmiling(54) Disputed
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What about fossil evidence? Also, why do you believe in god when there is no evidence for him. You can believe in something that there is no evidence for but you can't believe in something that there is heaps of evidence for. Makes no sense. And by your logic you shouldn't be believing in God because there is no explanation as to how he started. Stop turning a blind eye to everything.

KNHav(1957) Disputed
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There are mounds of evidence!

Fossil dating is speculative. And because of the flood their archeological layers noted by time periods that are likely the result of the Great Flood not a time period. There are also cities found under water. So maybe everything is just as the Bible said.

Saintnow(3684) Disputed
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ossil evidence is evidence that an animal died. There is no evidence that animal even produced offspring let alone proving evolution., apart from the rare fossils found with their eggs or offspring......but that only proves the eggs and offspring died. Fossils do not prove evolution, to say they are evidence of evolution you have to believe in's circular reasoning, begging the question, a logical fallacy.

because their religion requires them to .

The minimum argument length is 50 characters. The purpose of this restriction is to cut down on the amount of dumb jokes, so we can keep the quality of debate and discourse as high as possible.

WhatIsDaAuck(273) Clarified
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i would like to hear from people who deny evolution, who are not religious .

WhatIsDaAuck(273) Clarified
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i would not like to hear from people who deny evolution, who are religious .

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There is massive amounts of evidence that rocks are hard. Why would anybody deny that rocks are hard?

Atrag(5556) Disputed
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If one of the monk's that transcribed the Bible put in a line saying "no rocks are hard" or, in your version of the Bible "thouest minerals art neigh so substantial", then you would be sat there arguing that to be a fact.

Wheres that monkey of yours? Where don't you go over to the corner and give it a tug eh? Thats about the only thing you're good :)

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Bible says no.

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I wanted to follow up w some statements about ou discussion yesterday.

Fyi saintnow may argue some points.

Im not sure of his beyond fundamental experience I dont cut him off as a heretic, but occassionally I feel like he is asking me "why i deserve to exist outside of hell." Lol, kidding, but he does get on my case.

Some of the things are contoversial. Milk and foundation is the Gospel. Without that you are dead and die. I agree w him on that. I just wanted to warn you before my statements.

And fyi I dont judge hm for it, but he doesnt share my enthusiasm on revelation. Milk is primary important. Its our foundation. But he gives me a hard time about everything else.

Especially gap theory.



Glaciers show intense heat from study of ice coresThe layers are measured like they measure ages of trees.

I think its interesting there was a cataclysmic event of intense heat.

And a possible earlier civilization.

Which we had lying around strange things we couldn't explain by any means.

The verse in Gen 1: 1 the word "was"

actually means "became"

"became formless and void"

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 The earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters.

Another scripture says He made the worlds (plural)

And another talks about the king of tyre falling from the garden and describes a cataclysmic event.

As if Satan was in rule of creation, and destroyed it.

Also when Noah speaks of Nephilim,

He calls them men of old renown.

I dont think He would have called them men of old from Adam. Because his grandfather was still alive until before the flood.

So I think there is something we did not see before, or ignored before.

There is becoming more indication of it.

So 15000 years ago we had a 5 year period that was an intense heat.

And we see signs of an advanced society within these stone structures.

Even intricate gold art, smaaler than we can do in modern day. So intricate would require our most advanced tools, even then, we would have a hard time with it.

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There are mysteries spoken of that wont be revealed until the last times.

He seems to be revealing a lot in these times. And these are things I started seeing also.

And it seems like many Christians also began discussing similar passages and questioning things we hadn't before.

There is an appointed time for all things. Even an appointed time for revealing some things.

The above I discussed is called "gap theory."

Daniel says knowledge will increase and so will understanding.

So as science particularly physics has defined properties of light and microcosm and dimensions of reality, we also have more tools to study the Bible and search it out with technology and also not only spiritually understand the properties of light, but also apply them to mind blowing proportions!

All I got to say is wow!

The Bible is so strange in that we have wrapped our spiritual mind around physics without knowing physics. Now that we know physics we are defining what we have already said as if spiritual metaphors. That turn out to not be just metaphors.Here is one on a small scale. But if I heard it 20 years ago my mind would have been blown with just that. (But we didnt have google those days, and I wasnt one to study a science book. But at a click I can.

So then when you take light further into the properties of light, its hard to contain.

The concept of a photon's path is undefined.

We have known spiritual precept is found in the natural as like as like it happened spiritually then manifests in the natural.

But it add new meaning to the scripture that says "ALL of creation tells of Him."

Taken from a science textbook:

If a single photon can demonstrate double-slit interference, then which slit did it pass through? The unavoidable answer must be that it passes through both! This might not seem so strange if we think of the photon as a wave, but it is highly counterintuitive if we try to visualize it as a particle. The moral is that we should not think in terms of the path of a photon. Like the fully human and fully divine Jesus of Christian theology, a photon is supposed to be 100% wave and 100% particle. If a photon had a well defined path, then it would not demonstrate wave superposition and interference effects, contradicting its wave nature. (In the next chapter we will discuss the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, which gives a numerical way of approaching this issue.)

When yo take that farther into slitting the particle of light. That is what Jesus did on the cross.


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And combine that with some throne room type scriptures. Its like string theory coming out and returning to his throne room.

Everthing connected to Him

Made by Him held together by Him

And ultimately ended by Him.I had wonderful revelation of the cross and His work on it. And the work of it. Not just the cleansing of it and a nice metaphor.

As soon as I became born again I understood this like a burst of light connecting like all these things and understanding in an instant like the light just went on, out "of know where."

Whenever Jesus asked His disciples questions like who do they say He is, and they answered w understanding, His response was blessed are your eyes because they see ... Father "revealed it ...

Its only by revelation of Him in understanding that brings us to be turn from darkness to be born again, and He does that part too.

So even if our mind wraps around it all, understanding is within, and thats a work He does.

He reveals, cleanses, renews, and makes is a " new creation" In His image.